Thursday, July 17, 2008

A book, a kettle, a quilt

I have this wonderful image of curling up under a blanket on a rainy day with a good book and cup of hot chocolate or tea. When I was in high school and for some time in college I had a chance to do this very often during the winter, but instead of being rainy it was snowy. Snowy is nice. It's very peaceful and calming if the wind isn't blowing, but rainy weather is my favorite. Rain evokes a cozy feeling for me. But, this image is dependent on having that hot choclate or tea and a blanket. Books were always available in our house, so the only time it was a problem was when I was being particularly picky.

Now, in my own home we have all of these things as well, but my image has changed a bit. We recently bought a new kettle. Our former one was handed down to my husband, who I was engaged to at the time, from my parents who had had it for several years themselves. About two weeks ago we discovered it was dripping green-tinged water. We promptly threw it out, and for the record hadn't used it all summer. I had remembered seeing some very pretty colored kettles in various cooking stores around town, but I couldn't find one that fit the image I remembered. We ended up with one that was very similar to our old one, though a bit different and with a less shrill whistle. Maybe that will change by the time it starts dripping green. So, when this fall and winter rolls around I'll have a bright new kettle to heat the water for my tea or hot chocolate.

It's not only the kettle that is new in my revised moment of restfulness. I have, over the past two years, gotten into sewing and quilting and now hope to have a home that is filled with handmade things. For the past year or so I have been a bit obsessed with having quilts for the back of our couch. We have blankets, but they are the kind anyone can get at a home store. They are warm, they are cozy, but they are not unique in any way. These future quilts may not be a unique pattern or combination of fabrics, but they will be unique in their mistakes and the slight tilt of crooked seams. I have patterns picked and fabrics bought for two such quilts, but haven't yet made them. So, while I dream of one day cuddling into a quilt I made, a store-bought blanket will have to do for now.

The book will never be an issue in the foreseeable future. And I recently bought a book that I'm very excited to read through, though it's not necessarily a "reading" book. Part of my hope for a handmade home involves knitting a lot of things for use around the house and for my family to wear. Several patterns I've been interested in are found in Elizabeth Zimmerman's book "The Knitter's Almanac." Though it is a knitting book with patterns, it also, I have been told, has a good bit of prose, back story, and even the patterns are written out in prose instead of typical row instructions.

So, while I need to read the book to get a start on making things and the quilt pieces aren't even cut yet, I can still curl up on my couch, snuggle with my son under a blanket, and read while it rains. One day the full picture will be there, but right now we're just taking it one piece at a time.

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Amy said...

I too enjoy quiet moments like those. And I dream of being so crafty. Cheers to rain and the warmth of home and home-made things.