Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fabric Laundering

So, before you think this is a rant about doing laundry, it's not. I don't do laundry. My husband does it all, except for when he's sick and then I put things from the washer into dryer and fold them, if they are completely dry. But other than that, he's pretty particular and so he does it all. Including, actually, the fabric. But that's beside the point.

This is about something more devious. I recently figured out a way to pad my fabric stash with nice relatively big cuts of beautiful fabric. I was in a fabric store and saw a beautiful fabric with a medium all over bird on branch print. There were three colors of the same print and I knew they would make beautiful cloth napkins. And, the warm tones would mean they would make beautiful cloth napkins for my house.

I asked my husband if he agreed, and once he knew this was for napkins and not a large quilt with just one fabric, he said I could have my napkins. While I browsed with my friends I was mentally calculating the yardage I would need.

Now, I can get 4 nice-sized napkins out of a yard of fabric. And, 12 napkins would probably be plenty for the, let's admit it, modest amount of entertaining or even eating at the table we do. So, I thought, "Great, one yard of each and I'll be good to go." But then several things occurred to me at once. First, I would be left with very little fabric left over. Probably only enough, really, to tie the napkins together. Second, I really liked the fabric. Third, my husband had no idea how much fabric it took to make these napkins. I'm sure you can see where this is going.

I walked out of the store with 4.5 yards of fabric (and matching thread) instead of the measly 3 I actually needed; I would have my napkins and a more well-developed stash. The only down-side was that I had deceived my husband. So, my conscience got the best of me, and I was so proud of figuring it out, that I told him about it. He's very indulgent (more on that later) and so laughed about it. We also then laughed about the fact that I pretty much stink at being sneaky.

So, I guess my fabric laundering days are over. At least, in this version. I have another technique that's great for enhancing your fabric and yarn stashes.

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Sally said...

You are too funny! Also, I see your table runner is quilted. Are you happy with it? That is awesome! You need to post a picture.