Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Handmade Christmas 2008

I have big plans for Christmas this year: I want to make every one of my family members and close friends at least one gift this year. Now, before you write me off as crazy, or divorce me (if you're my husband), hear me out on this. I have, by my calculations 22 weeks left and at least 16 gifts to make. As of right now I have 2 of them completely done, 1 almost done, and 5 that are ready to be started. So, I've got half of them to the ready-to-be-made point or beyond and conveniently enough we are just a bit over halfway to Christmas. For the record I am choosing to ignore the fact that the year is half over but my gifts are not half finished. And then I have ideas for the last 8, but don't have the materials for them yet. That's not too bad. Add to that the fact that I'm gong to allow a paper-pieced tag/ornament to count as the handmade part and I'm sure all will be well!

Some people may wonder or even be a bit skeptical about this plan of mine. I know that it is a bit ambitious and perhaps even a tad unlikely (except for my tag/ornament safety net). I have exactly one day less that one month until school starts, so now's a good time to get things finished. And, I have put all of the projects in my planner and if I can follow that schedule I will be done before Ocotber is over. I think that my schedule is certainly going to be pushed back a bit when school starts and so realistically I'll probably be frantically sewing or knitting or both on Christmas Eve. But, even if that's the case at least I'll be pulling out my sewing machine on the day after Thanksgiving, instead of my hair with all the crazy crowds.

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