Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One More Blog

I have decided to blog. 

This is a big deal. At least, for me it's a big deal. My first encounter with a blog was when someone decided to blast me. Needless to say it didn't create the best first impression of the blogosphere. Then, while sharing this tale of woe with a coworker at the time the response and viewpoint I heard was, "I think blogs are stupid. I mean, do you really think you're so important that people need to know what you think, or that they even care?" Oh no, of course not. And so, while I love reading them, I knew I was never going to have a blog. 

I was wrong. I am actually wrong about the future with a disturbing consistency. But I am also usually exceptionally happy I was wrong, so it works out. 

There are a few parts of that early sentiment that I have decided I disagree with. First, is the thought that one voice doesn't matter. Second, is that I as an individual don't matter enough. Third, is that if I blog people have to read it. To the first argument I ask if everyone else is talking, then what's one more voice added to the clamor? I may not out-shout anyone, but I'm not trying to. I'm just trying to talk to the people around me. 

To the second argument I have three responses. First, my husband and I are in a dead heat for the "most fascinating person in the world" position for our 3-month old son. I really could end there, but I'll go on to my second response. I know of several people (husband and son not included) who find me quite tolerable, but we don't always get to talk as much as we would like and they just might wonder what I'm up to; that is after all why I read their blogs. Third, at the end of the day I'm not really blogging for other people; I'm blogging for me. 

Which brings me to my response to the third argument: feel free to stop reading at anytime. No one is forced to read what I write or to care about what I post. I'm not claiming to have anything anyone needs. I'm just here, having my say; you don't have to listen. 

Now, I have told you these things so that you understand why it is such a big deal to me that I have decided to blog. It's been quite a mental and, I'll admit, somewhat emotional step for me to do this, but this still wasn't the biggest hurdle that kept me from blogging. For longer than I would care to admit I have mentally toiled over the one thing that was keeping me from acting on my new convictions: I had to name my blog.

This is almost more difficult than naming a child. When you name your child you can always fall back on family names, you can call in help from friends, family, and best-selling books, you can build them around archaic meanings, you can build in nicknames, and you can invent new names that never existed on this earth before, just like your child. But no matter what happens, if you come up with a bad name, your child, not you will suffer the long-term consequences, and he or she can always say, "Yeah, I know. I didn't pick it." But when you name a blog, you are representing yourself and there are very few established and time-honored traditions when it comes to naming blogs. It doesn't help when it seems that everyone else has great names already. Maybe it's just me. I also agonize over user names and e-mail addresses. But, it wasn't until I had a name that I felt I could blog. And just like naming our son, I had to call in my husband for help. 

I do a lot of different things, as most people do, and I often find myself having so much fun I'm unable to stop. I catch myself saying, "one more" very frequently. I knit, and always want to finish one more row. I sew and often want to do one more seam or cut out one more piece. I have a book and want to read one more page. You get the idea. So, now I am adding one more project to the list of things I do. I have decided to blog to keep me writing, to keep friends informed, and to keep track of my other projects. 

I have decided to blog. We'll see if it's so much fun that I always want to write one more post. 


thefeltedsheep said...

Woohoo! I love it :) I look forward to reading more. Thanks again for the great evening!

Anonymous said...

Here is the answer to the question about having to join. I will enjoy reading your blog. As a mother you will find you will always have "one more..."