Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Unfit Father

I have recently (as in over the past few months) met many fathers of young children. Because we now have a baby we find ourselves gravitating towards other parents, and particularly other new parents. Now, since our little boy is only 3 months old most of these "new" parents seem very experienced and together. I'm hoping one day we'll be that way. But, something I've noticed with all of these couples is how great the dads are.

I read an article late during my pregnancy about how men were, in general, taking a more active role in their children's lives. And that they were really getting involved at an earlier age than they used to, helping out with diapers, soothing, bathing, just general care. This reminded me of the fact that hospitals are now allowing men to be present for births, which is relatively recent. And, I thought, "Well, that's about as early as you could be involved." But, even before then my husband was involved with our son, reading to him through my skin every night before bed, talking to him and playing with him before he had seen him.

All of this also reminded me of a conversation we had with a midwife during one of our prenatal visits. Somehow the topic of weight gain came up, not mine, but my husband's. The midwife said that supportive partners typically gained about half the weight the woman does. My follow up question was, "So, if they gain as much weight does that make them super supportive?"

"No, just cuddly!"

So, my husband's paternity weight was evidence of his fitness to be a father. I have to admit it was great to be able to do so many things together. We made our child, we ate larger though healthier meals, and we bought bigger clothes!

And now together we can work on our physical fitness together, whenever our son gives us the chance!

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Amy said...

I love this story.