Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Son the Scholar

My husband and I are both English teachers and so when we found out we were pregnant purchasing books was right up there with diapers, clothes, and receiving blankets; not to mention how tempting it was before we were pregnant to buy copies of books we loved reading when we were 8 and 9 years old. We've held off on this so far, and board books take up a lot of room as it is.

Today I walked with my son downtown for a couple of hours. He checked things out from his perch in the Moby until he fell asleep. Then we returned to our house had some tummy time, during which he showed his rolling turtle who was boss. But the most exciting part was how interested he seemed in the Eric Carle books I read to him while we laid on the floor. He was really focusing on the pictures and got pretty animated over the bright ones. Then I gave him his own book to touch and feel while he practiced sitting up. The result was pretty sweet and it's good to know that if nothing else he likes looking at them!

Now I just need to get his cloth books made...


Lisa said...

Next up: Shakespeare!

Sally said...

Probably some of the cutest pictures of Bobby to date. I especially love the one where he is looking at the camera like, "Yes. I am reading. What did you expect?" Awesome!