Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Son's Completed Sweater

The friend of mine that I mentioned a while back that is nesting also managed to finish her son's sweater. It's the same pattern, same size, started later, but finished earlier. And her sweater recipient isn't actually able to wear clothes yet. I took a long time getting around to all that finishing, but she did motivate me to finish my own son's sweater. And here he is modeling and showing off some of his other tricks. He loves to stand up, likes to try to take a few steps and is getting better about actually alternating his legs, and sometimes sucks in his lower lip. He also can really talk it up when he feels like it!

As far as the sweater goes, the arms are a little short, but I'll just remember that for the next one I make!


Sally said...

You could roll the sleeves up and claim it was supposed to be 3/4 length and they are actually too long. Then not only would it be perfect but Bobby would be on the cusp of baby style. :)

lv2knit said...

Excellent idea!

thefeltedsheep said...

Wow! Love that you posted a video! It looks so cute on him!!!!