Monday, August 11, 2008

Quilting Like a Rockstar

Just to head off any confusion, the title is really just fun. It's not meant to imply that I'm either very good at quilting, or that rockstars really quilt all that much. But, they probably should. No, this is more because I feel pretty rockin' now that I have taken steps to actually quilting a few projects! And by quilting I mean the actual layering and sewing together of a top batting and bottom.

A few weekends ago I took a long arm quilting class with my friend Sally. We drove out to Chugiak and there were confronted with a mammoth machine that sounds eerily similar to a jigsaw or a sports car. In fact as I was driving the needle around the curves of a simple meander I was almost feeling the rush of wind through my hair and wondering if I could convince my husband that this was in fact a power tool. After all, do we really need a car in the near-ish future or a down payment on a house at some point? Truly really? But then I realized that the 12' by maybe 4' machine wouldn't fit anywhere in our current residence. Oh well.

But, I left the class feeling like I could actually quilt my own tops and not be too ashamed of the results to show them to other people or give them as gifts. It wasn't quite perfect, some of my points were a bit loopy and some of my curves a bit square, but overall I thought both Sally and I had done quite decent jobs!

So now that I have at least once used a long arm I am planning to go back and actually quilt my other finished tops! It's very exciting to know that I will actual quilts to show for my efforts over the last 2 years. That's actually a bit embarrassing now that I read it.

When Sally and I got back into Anchorage I had more evidence that I really have married the perfect man for me. He knows that I get very excited about things and throw all of myself into them. Then when I'm exhausted (this may take two hours or two months) of obsessing over it I let it (whatever "it" happens to be) be for a while then revisit it with a more healthy moderation later. He also has a lot of confidence in my abilities and assumed that I would have such a great time at this long arm class that I would come home just itching to sew and quilt. In anticipation of this fervor he had set up my sewing machine and driven to the local sewing machine place and purchased the walking foot I had been talking about for the last week or so. I was very impressed he remembered the name of the foot I needed, and had taken the model number of my machine to make sure he brought the right one home.

Later that evening I finished my third ever quilted project. The first two were Christmas presents last year and both used a free motion foot. Which, interestingly enough, it took me a while to realize that I didn't always have to have the fabric traveling from the front of the machine to the back. But the whole "free motion" thing didn't occur to me until about half way through the first project.

Anyway, I finished my table runner that evening and a couple of days later Sally taught me to do the binding. This was my first time ever binding anything as my two other quilted projects had different edges. So here is a picture of the first time I've followed directions all the way through the last step: quilt and bind.

And, what kind of rockstar doesn't have fans?


Anonymous said...

You do rock. Loved the post and of course your "fans" are the best.

Lisa said...

Bobby is so happy! Now you just need to teach him the rock out hand signal!