Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Starting School

School starts, for real with students and everything, tomorrow. When I was a student, I never thought that my teachers were as nervous or excited about the start of school as I was. And last year I was calm but eager to try out this teaching thing on my own. This year, with Bobby's surgery looming, a change in classrooms, learning to leave my son with my sister during the mornings, and all of the other general life distractions, it hasn't truly sunk in yet that I will be back in front of students tomorrow. I'm sure it will hit me when the hallways get crowded and noisy!

I am already very tired and when I left the school today it was knowing that my room still was not very welcoming, inviting, encouraging, or anything else that you would want your classroom to be. But, there are also three teachers sharing the one room, so things are bound to be a bit tight and impersonal! The bigger reason I'm a bit worn down is because I have done an abysmally small amount of planning. I have general ideas for the overall course designs, and I have a few detailed ideas that I need to make the materials for. But that middle ground, where days are planned, lessons outlined, books gathered, handouts photocopied, none of it is covered. I did get my syllabi copied before I left today. But that was my only real victory. And that was because I have wonderful family who helps out when you need it!

This evening I've managed (again with the help of my husband) to map out what I am going to be doing with my students the first 3 days of the year, but I am more concerned abou the 3 days I am going to miss for my son's surgery. I keep reminding myself, that that's one week away and right now I just need to worry about tomorrow, which means going to bed as close to 8:00 as possible!

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