Saturday, August 16, 2008

Starting the Year

As a teacher I live my life in school years. One of my friends who is also a teacher said on her blog that January is the middle of the year for her, and that is absolutely true for me as well. Not only that, but I think the seasons agree with this modified start of the year because spring and summer make it more likely for me to start new things or keep up on resolutions. In January it is so cold and dark that I rarely feel motivated to try out any sort of changes; instead I retreat to the familiar and comfortable. But in May I'm usually up for anything. So, the way I see it, this year is about 3 months old, and we're getting ready to really get into the swing of it.

These last two days I have been back in the classroom, and despite the fact that I am only teaching part-time, I have been there full-time to try to get things moved, set-up, organized, cleaned, and generally ready to go when the students show up on Wednesday. Of course, I have also been attending meetings of every shape, size, and purpose. It's exciting to head back, but I am going to miss seeing my little boy in the mornings. He is so sweet when he wakes up, sees you and smiles. His head is still wobbly when he's just waking up so he bobbles towards you and reaches with his hands. It's wonderful and I'm going to find solace in seeing him wake up from naps. In other, Bobby news: I think he might be left-handed. I know it's a bit early to tell, but he uses his left hand a lot more than his right hand when he reaches for and grabs things. We'll see how that goes the more he grows!

These next few weeks will be interesting as school starts and we get used to our family's new schedule, but Bobby is also going to have his surgery soon. This Monday we have a pre-op appointment where we'll be able to hopefully ask all of the questions that have been piling up. Then the following Monday, August 25th, he has the surgery. We have to be there at noon with him. I'll know more about it after the appointment on Monday.

But, right now I'm trying not to worry too much and just focus on what needs to happen on each day and today I must head back into school to get more things ready!

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