Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We're Cooking Now!

These last few weeks we have been settling more or less into our school routine. It's been wonderful coming home at lunch to see my little boy. We are able to have a nice lunch and a little bit of play time before he takes a nap. Usually I also nap and the two of us wake up just in time to pick up the house a little bit before heading out to pick up Bob. Then we come home and eat dinner together. And that dinner is finally a dinner that I (for the most part) have been cooking.

We always had good intentions and even weeks at a time where Bob and I made good runs at eating at home, and cooking food from scratch instead of just having frozen pizza or an assortment of boxed foods. Now that I'm home for the afternoons I have time to prepare things so that the cooking goes quicker, and I have time to look through cookbooks and magazines to gather ideas for meals. It's been great! We've been having heavy Italian food the last two nights, lasagna and fettuccine alfredo (I made the sauce!) to fit with the rainy and cold weather we've had. It's been great to get into a routine that lets our family eat dinner together.

Even Bobby is at the table, although he plays with toys right now. We have a strap-to-a-chair high chair that lets him sit at our level and protest the unfairness of the fact that we are eating and he is not! Little does he know that this weekend should be exciting for him. We're going to try out solids and see how he does. He's 5 1/2 months old and he has been trying to grab our food for about a month now. He intently watches us as we eat and even looks like he practices his chewing sometimes. It's greatly entertaining, though I'm sure he finds it frustrating that all of his demonstrations of capability go unrewarded. This weekend we'll see how he takes to the sweet potatoes.

In other Bobby news his tube comes out on Thursday of next week. If I remember correctly that also means we can stop giving him the antibiotic that he has loathed the last three weeks. His steri-strips came off and he has a great scar to impress people with later. When he has the tube removed the scar from that hole will leave him with a nifty little incomplete and slightly wonky division symbol. Then a month later we have some follow up tests and, assuming that everything comes out fine from those, we can put all of this behind us. I'm very much looking forward to only having "normal" baby worries such as teething, crawling, sleeping, and making sure he really is only coughing for attention and not because he got fuzz from the carpet in his throat.

As we all settle into our new routine I hope to be blogging more. I hope to be doing a lot of things actually. We'll see how it all works out!

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Anonymous said...

Whoever taught you to cook? They did a good job, would you like to do the Alfredo for your family sometime? : )
I loved hearing about your routine.
Can't wait till I'm well and can see that snuggly baby.