Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Same Box

I am working on a longer post to be coming soon, but for now I had two things I wanted to share. First, we ran buy a local grocery store today on the way home from work. The little boy, Bob, and I were running in and out to just grab a few things and I had forgotten to grab my fabric grocery bag, but still had my "purse." We ended up with a few more things than we had planned, but I could still fit half of it into my bag, so I asked for just one bag. We are trying to do a little bit to reduce the number of plastic bags out there (and in our house!). And, much to our surprise we were given a little (very little, but hey, I'll take it) discount on our total! It was nice that some place is doing something to recognize and perhaps encourage their customers to not use the store's plastic bags. And, it reduces their costs, so it makes sense. Anyway, I thought that was interesting!

Then, when we got home I checked the mail and there was a survey about my new baby's eating habits. I'm not the best for this kind of information, but I looked through it and figured it couldn't hurt to answer their questions. Then I reached the demographic information and happily filled in the box saying I had at least a college degree, before reaching the boxes for the age groups. I felt a mix of excitement and trepidation (and a tinge of annoyance when I realized I had to actually think before I could remember how old I am) when I realized I wasn't in the "under 20" group or even the newly arrived "20-24" group. No, I had graduated to that third box. I exclaimed over my new box status to my husband who smiled then asked if he and I were in the same box.

I practically doubled over in laughter. I'm not quite to that box, yet!

And, a happy shout out to the newest little box filler: Noah! Congratulations and welcome to the outside world!


thefeltedsheep said...

awww Thanks Leah! I am really hoping you call and can come buy tomorrow! I miss you and LOTS to talk to you about!

thefeltedsheep said...

and yes I meant "by" lol