Monday, November 17, 2008

Good News, Bad News

Just to ease any possible fears, the bad news isn't really that bad, but I couldn't think of anything to call "ugly" in my life right now (well okay a few things could have worked, but they're more funny than ugly), so I decided "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" wouldn't work as a title; that's what I was left with.

Good news: Bobby is expanding his diet of solid foods. He will now down bananas, apples, and pears.

Bad news: After eating that jar of pears he didn't poop until 3 days later, when we unzipped his one-piece fleece sleeper to discover a poop-and-Bobby pita. Tasty.

Good news: I managed to find a great solid colored cotton/wool blend for my sweater.

Bad news: Apparently cotton is really hard to weave in ends on and make them not show up. Variegation or a lower cotton count would help.

Good news: Cotton is lighter and so I'll have a sweater that won't make me sweat.

Bad news: Cotton is heavier than wool. I won't sweat because of the heat retention of the sweater but because I'm building up great core muscles supporting its bulk.

Good news: My sweater is coming along great! I have 32 more rows and I'll be on to the sleeves!

Bad news: The back kind of makes me look like I have a duck tail (I'm hoping blocking and washing will help.) This also means it's hanging past my rear; add this to the notes above and cringe.

Good news: After falling tragically behind, I'm getting caught up on my NaNoWriMo novel and am pretty confident I can finish this year!

Bad news: I feel like I should make the disclaimer that I'm not writing fiction. It's one of the rules, but I decided that I could put the writing time to whatever use I saw fit as long as I wrote it all about one thing and did all the writing in November. After all writing is not just about telling fictional stories! I still kind of think that, but also feel a pricking of my conscience that I'm not writing fiction.

Good news: I have a very sensitive conscience, and it keeps me from making mistakes I may regret for the rest of my life.

Bad news: When my conscience forced me to confess my NaNoWriMo sin, I was laughed at by a few people.

Good news: Bobby devours books!
Bad news: Literally (pun left there after it was noticed! HA!).

Good news: Bobby is close to crawling!

Bad news: His new found awareness and control over his body makes getting him in and out of clothing and diapers about as easy as wrestling a greased pig with your feet.

Good news: Bobby is really close to crawling!

Bad news: Bob and I get nothing done because we keep yelling, "Come here!" so neither of us miss those first ... ... crawls. What do you call those anyway?

Good news: Bobby is really, really close to crawling!

(As a side note I didn't notice the soundtrack until I was watching it, but he had a great sense of timing, don't you think?!)
Bad news: The outlets aren't all covered yet, I need to learn to vacuum more often (read: at all) and his books are on a low shelf intended for easy access to literature.

See? Not so bad!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So, this last week and weekend has been a bit of a flurry. I've been getting a good bit of knitting done, and as you can see from the latest few posts Bobby's been doing wonderful things with amazing frequency. He ate pears today and loved them. I'm actually a little worried about what his diaper is going to reveal tomorrow; he ate almost a whole jar. I've been trying to work on my NaNoWriMo novel, but haven't been able to get too much uninterrupted time. However, I am still working on it! I've been getting some knitting done as well. (It's easier to pick up your knitting and work for a bit, whereas the writing requires a little more focused time.) Of course, being sick hasn't helped. Bobby, in a marvelous show of generosity, shared his germs with me. We are recovering together though!

Hopefully over the next few days and this weekend we'll be able to get back into the more productive swing of things; November started with such promise. Ideally we can get back some of that momentum and carry it through to December! I'll need it if I'm going to get all of those Christmas presents made. I mean, Thanksgiving is soon and this holiday season seems to be creeping up on us at a pretty quick pace. Does it feel that way to anyone else?

And speaking of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I love the holidays. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em! So, I'm wondering: is it too early to break out the holiday music? Not the straight Christmas stuff necessarily, but maybe the choral holiday music in other languages? What about Handel's Messiah?

I was wondering about that in the shower this morning.

We have had the same CDs in our stereo for a while now.

It's probably time for a change.

I'm not sure what Bob's going to think of that.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bobby Eating!

So, we've been struggling with getting Bobby to eat solid food, but today he actually ate bananas by choice! We were pretty much at wit's end, and so we decided that if he was resisting that much, then he probably wasn't ready.

So we gave him a couple weeks and tried again today. He didn't go for the cereal, and I thought this try was going to be horrible and frustrating all over again. But then I broke out the bananas and this was the messy, but oh so wonderful, result.

So, while it may seem very strange for any child of Bob's and mine to be a picky eater, he is. I suppose he'll take after his parents and order things custom made off of menus, want his sandwiches cut just a certain way, and get upset of the cheese is on the bottom of the burger instead of the top. I bet we'll even have to stock both crunchy and creamy peanut butter.

Oh wait, we already do.

Bobby's First Cold

It struck us this past Tuesday. It was bound to happen. He was 5 days out from being 7 months old, and hadn't shown even the slightest hint of being vulnerable to all the vicious little germies out there. But then Tuesday night he got fussy, feverish, and his nose got runny. He didn't sleep. He just cried.

On Wednesday I took him to the hospital, to have the pediatrician make sure it wasn't an ear infection or the black plague. It wasn't either (yet), but she gave us a souped up version of the snot sucking bulb syringe. He probably won't be sending that syringe a Christmas card. In fact, he may write to Santa to explain just how bad that syringe has been this year. Bob helped him dub it "Nose Bane" this morning.

I took a day off work, Bob took a day off work, we both worried for a day at work, and now it's the weekend. Now we're just waiting for him to get better. He has been getting better, but still has occasional bouts of very thick, nasty sounding snot in his nose. He doesn't have a fever anymore. He sleeps for longer stretches at a time. I'm hoping for a full recovery by Wednesday. Well, I'm hoping for it sooner, but not really expecting it until then.

He still has been amazing:

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Power of a Good Toy

In case you were wondering, I think my son is amazing. Pretty much everything he does is wonderful. Notice I said pretty much, there have been moments that weren't quite up to par. (I don't think I blogged about the time he was splashing his feet in, ... uhm, waste.) But, one of the most amazing things about him (and I'm reasonably sure about all babies) is his ability to learn. It leaves me speechless sometimes to watch him grasp new ideas and to see visible progress in how he learns to interact with the world. He loves people, loves to talk and play, and is forever curious about new noises and people, but he also loves to manipulate things.

Now, I don't believe babies should spend the majority of their time interacting with just toys. I think that toys are fine, but they shouldn't be used as babysitters and they certainly shouldn't take over your house. For example, if, with a child Bobby's age, you can't pick up all the toys in under 2 minutes maybe there's a problem. Just a personal opinion.

That said, I'll be the first to admit that it is really hard to not get Bobby something each time we go by Classic Toys (which is quite frequent given its proximity to the quilt store). And, it is great when you find a toy that they just totally dig. That special toy can also be very hard to predict. I think his monkey is pretty cool, he thinks it's okay as long as there's nothing else more interesting around. I keep hoping he'll grow to like the monkey, but for now it's relegated to the bottom of the toy basket.

One week ago we discovered Bobby's new favorite toy. Bob was changing the height on the crib, and the mobile was down on the floor and near enough to Bobby, who was sitting in his Bumbo seat (another wonderful purschase), that he had grabed it and was shaking the living daylights out of it. He was frantic about the cards that hang from it, so I pulled them off and apart and it has been true love ever since.

Here he is showing off his cat card.

He will sit for at least 30 minutes and play with them. Picking them up, chewing on them, hitting them against each other, sliding them around, hitting them against the chair legs (which are in pretty close running with the cards, but a lot less portable). He even sat and shared his cards with me a little while ago. We passed one back and forth to each other. How cool is that!?

These cards are so motivating that we are even able to use them to encourage his locomotion.

I'm still not sure it's entirely ethical to take it out of his hands and put it further away, but he's not quite confident enough to go for them if they seem too far away, but he can also be quick as lightning when he decides to go for it.

Now, that is a good toy: it lets him manipulate things, gets him moving, and lets us play with him!

Here's a good night thought from Bobby: Don't forget to check for toe jam!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Night

So, this weekend was certainly full of excitement! But among the most exciting for me was my sweater progress: I've worked a good bit on the body so I put it on scrap yarn to try it on again. The last time I tried it on it was so short it was kind of hard to tell if it would fit. But, I think it'll work!

The v-neck still looks like a v-neck and it fits pretty nice around the shoulders, though I'll not make an absolute statement on that until I've put sleeves on it. They're still rolled up right now, and with all the scrap yarn it feels a bit like a cast-off old garment when I'm trying it on. But, it's worth it to know that all of those stitches that looked bunch up on the needles actually are turning into something resembling a real sweater.
The knitting has been going well, but I'm really relieved to be done with the second skein. It was very frustrating; it had three of these in it:
Yeah, that's right, three. So the result is even more ends to weave in on this pretty unforgiving cotton blend. I can understand one, but three? Really?

Oh well. It's in the past. I'm on the third skein and it should hopefully be better than that.

And, to end on a really positive note, here's a parting shot of Bobby!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Morning

I don't know why, but I really don't mind getting up on Saturdays. Well, to be honest I don't mind it on every Saturday. This Saturday morning I got up earlier than usual because I had a lot to get done and I had managed a relatively reasonable amount of sleep. It is 9:20 right now and I have already made cinnamon rolls (don't be too impressed, they were from a tube), had a cup of hot chocolate, eaten a cinnamon roll, and typed the first 1762 words of my NaNoWriMo novel! For my next feat of amazing-ness, I plan to write this blog post, shower and knit a few rounds on my sweater before my husband and baby wake up. That may put it before 10 AM!

I was honestly a little worried about today. We have a meeting at 11, some tentative lunch plans, and dinner/later evening plans. And tomorrow we have church, lunch plans, and dinner plans. I was thinking the universe was conspiring to keep me from my attempt at my first 30-day novel. But, here I am awake, fed, and enthusiastic. Right now I'm even hoping to blog again later today with the pattern for my sister's hat, Bobby's mittens, and an update on my sweater progress!


Saturdays are days for doing things!

Maybe I'll even get tomorrow's word count done today!