Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bobby's First Cold

It struck us this past Tuesday. It was bound to happen. He was 5 days out from being 7 months old, and hadn't shown even the slightest hint of being vulnerable to all the vicious little germies out there. But then Tuesday night he got fussy, feverish, and his nose got runny. He didn't sleep. He just cried.

On Wednesday I took him to the hospital, to have the pediatrician make sure it wasn't an ear infection or the black plague. It wasn't either (yet), but she gave us a souped up version of the snot sucking bulb syringe. He probably won't be sending that syringe a Christmas card. In fact, he may write to Santa to explain just how bad that syringe has been this year. Bob helped him dub it "Nose Bane" this morning.

I took a day off work, Bob took a day off work, we both worried for a day at work, and now it's the weekend. Now we're just waiting for him to get better. He has been getting better, but still has occasional bouts of very thick, nasty sounding snot in his nose. He doesn't have a fever anymore. He sleeps for longer stretches at a time. I'm hoping for a full recovery by Wednesday. Well, I'm hoping for it sooner, but not really expecting it until then.

He still has been amazing:

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