Monday, November 17, 2008

Good News, Bad News

Just to ease any possible fears, the bad news isn't really that bad, but I couldn't think of anything to call "ugly" in my life right now (well okay a few things could have worked, but they're more funny than ugly), so I decided "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" wouldn't work as a title; that's what I was left with.

Good news: Bobby is expanding his diet of solid foods. He will now down bananas, apples, and pears.

Bad news: After eating that jar of pears he didn't poop until 3 days later, when we unzipped his one-piece fleece sleeper to discover a poop-and-Bobby pita. Tasty.

Good news: I managed to find a great solid colored cotton/wool blend for my sweater.

Bad news: Apparently cotton is really hard to weave in ends on and make them not show up. Variegation or a lower cotton count would help.

Good news: Cotton is lighter and so I'll have a sweater that won't make me sweat.

Bad news: Cotton is heavier than wool. I won't sweat because of the heat retention of the sweater but because I'm building up great core muscles supporting its bulk.

Good news: My sweater is coming along great! I have 32 more rows and I'll be on to the sleeves!

Bad news: The back kind of makes me look like I have a duck tail (I'm hoping blocking and washing will help.) This also means it's hanging past my rear; add this to the notes above and cringe.

Good news: After falling tragically behind, I'm getting caught up on my NaNoWriMo novel and am pretty confident I can finish this year!

Bad news: I feel like I should make the disclaimer that I'm not writing fiction. It's one of the rules, but I decided that I could put the writing time to whatever use I saw fit as long as I wrote it all about one thing and did all the writing in November. After all writing is not just about telling fictional stories! I still kind of think that, but also feel a pricking of my conscience that I'm not writing fiction.

Good news: I have a very sensitive conscience, and it keeps me from making mistakes I may regret for the rest of my life.

Bad news: When my conscience forced me to confess my NaNoWriMo sin, I was laughed at by a few people.

Good news: Bobby devours books!
Bad news: Literally (pun left there after it was noticed! HA!).

Good news: Bobby is close to crawling!

Bad news: His new found awareness and control over his body makes getting him in and out of clothing and diapers about as easy as wrestling a greased pig with your feet.

Good news: Bobby is really close to crawling!

Bad news: Bob and I get nothing done because we keep yelling, "Come here!" so neither of us miss those first ... ... crawls. What do you call those anyway?

Good news: Bobby is really, really close to crawling!

(As a side note I didn't notice the soundtrack until I was watching it, but he had a great sense of timing, don't you think?!)
Bad news: The outlets aren't all covered yet, I need to learn to vacuum more often (read: at all) and his books are on a low shelf intended for easy access to literature.

See? Not so bad!

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