Monday, November 3, 2008

The Power of a Good Toy

In case you were wondering, I think my son is amazing. Pretty much everything he does is wonderful. Notice I said pretty much, there have been moments that weren't quite up to par. (I don't think I blogged about the time he was splashing his feet in, ... uhm, waste.) But, one of the most amazing things about him (and I'm reasonably sure about all babies) is his ability to learn. It leaves me speechless sometimes to watch him grasp new ideas and to see visible progress in how he learns to interact with the world. He loves people, loves to talk and play, and is forever curious about new noises and people, but he also loves to manipulate things.

Now, I don't believe babies should spend the majority of their time interacting with just toys. I think that toys are fine, but they shouldn't be used as babysitters and they certainly shouldn't take over your house. For example, if, with a child Bobby's age, you can't pick up all the toys in under 2 minutes maybe there's a problem. Just a personal opinion.

That said, I'll be the first to admit that it is really hard to not get Bobby something each time we go by Classic Toys (which is quite frequent given its proximity to the quilt store). And, it is great when you find a toy that they just totally dig. That special toy can also be very hard to predict. I think his monkey is pretty cool, he thinks it's okay as long as there's nothing else more interesting around. I keep hoping he'll grow to like the monkey, but for now it's relegated to the bottom of the toy basket.

One week ago we discovered Bobby's new favorite toy. Bob was changing the height on the crib, and the mobile was down on the floor and near enough to Bobby, who was sitting in his Bumbo seat (another wonderful purschase), that he had grabed it and was shaking the living daylights out of it. He was frantic about the cards that hang from it, so I pulled them off and apart and it has been true love ever since.

Here he is showing off his cat card.

He will sit for at least 30 minutes and play with them. Picking them up, chewing on them, hitting them against each other, sliding them around, hitting them against the chair legs (which are in pretty close running with the cards, but a lot less portable). He even sat and shared his cards with me a little while ago. We passed one back and forth to each other. How cool is that!?

These cards are so motivating that we are even able to use them to encourage his locomotion.

I'm still not sure it's entirely ethical to take it out of his hands and put it further away, but he's not quite confident enough to go for them if they seem too far away, but he can also be quick as lightning when he decides to go for it.

Now, that is a good toy: it lets him manipulate things, gets him moving, and lets us play with him!

Here's a good night thought from Bobby: Don't forget to check for toe jam!


thefeltedsheep said...

Wow! I loved the video! He is scooting so well! He obviously loves those cards!! Go Bobby!

Lisa said...

He is so freaking adorable. Not to mention brilliant!