Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Morning

I don't know why, but I really don't mind getting up on Saturdays. Well, to be honest I don't mind it on every Saturday. This Saturday morning I got up earlier than usual because I had a lot to get done and I had managed a relatively reasonable amount of sleep. It is 9:20 right now and I have already made cinnamon rolls (don't be too impressed, they were from a tube), had a cup of hot chocolate, eaten a cinnamon roll, and typed the first 1762 words of my NaNoWriMo novel! For my next feat of amazing-ness, I plan to write this blog post, shower and knit a few rounds on my sweater before my husband and baby wake up. That may put it before 10 AM!

I was honestly a little worried about today. We have a meeting at 11, some tentative lunch plans, and dinner/later evening plans. And tomorrow we have church, lunch plans, and dinner plans. I was thinking the universe was conspiring to keep me from my attempt at my first 30-day novel. But, here I am awake, fed, and enthusiastic. Right now I'm even hoping to blog again later today with the pattern for my sister's hat, Bobby's mittens, and an update on my sweater progress!


Saturdays are days for doing things!

Maybe I'll even get tomorrow's word count done today!


Lisa said...

Oh I wish I had your energy. You don't even want to know how little I've done so far today, and it's already 1pm!

thefeltedsheep said...

woohoo! Good job getting so many words for today and for coming over! we had a great time!