Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Night

So, this weekend was certainly full of excitement! But among the most exciting for me was my sweater progress: I've worked a good bit on the body so I put it on scrap yarn to try it on again. The last time I tried it on it was so short it was kind of hard to tell if it would fit. But, I think it'll work!

The v-neck still looks like a v-neck and it fits pretty nice around the shoulders, though I'll not make an absolute statement on that until I've put sleeves on it. They're still rolled up right now, and with all the scrap yarn it feels a bit like a cast-off old garment when I'm trying it on. But, it's worth it to know that all of those stitches that looked bunch up on the needles actually are turning into something resembling a real sweater.
The knitting has been going well, but I'm really relieved to be done with the second skein. It was very frustrating; it had three of these in it:
Yeah, that's right, three. So the result is even more ends to weave in on this pretty unforgiving cotton blend. I can understand one, but three? Really?

Oh well. It's in the past. I'm on the third skein and it should hopefully be better than that.

And, to end on a really positive note, here's a parting shot of Bobby!


thefeltedsheep said...

Wow! Your sweater looks amazing! I Am so glad you posted pics! And it goes without saying that Bobby is amazing too!

Lisa said...

Your sweater looks great! Nice work!

Bobby is so freaking adorable! I just want to kiss those cheeks!

Sally said...

You are out of control on your sweater! It looks awesome. I hope I can get as much of mine done...but with the back and forth it takes a bit longer. Maybe I should have done a normal sweater and not a cardigan. ANYWAY. Hope you had a good Monday!