Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

So, when I get home from work I am greeted by the happiest little man I know! Today when I came to the door my sister opened it and he was there grinning, but then he was very puzzled by the thing on my head. After I got inside and had my shoes off I figured he could try on my hat and then I couldn't resist the scarf. He's quite the little fashion... something.

So, I've been away from blogging for two weeks now. It didn't feel like that long, though, the time was filled with lots of other things. Unfortunately one of those things was not my NaNoWriMo novel. I did break the halfway point before the end of November (25,006 words on November 30th) which was my original goal. I was hoping to do the whole thing, but my new deadline is now then end of this calendar year. Really November is kind of bad planning for that sort of thing. November is when my knitting craving really kicks in to the neglect of all else.

I have been knitting, but I can't talk too much about it. My top-down sweater is put aside for the time being because of all the holiday gift knitting I need to do (that's why I can't say too much about it). I have several projects planned and on the needles. The one I can talk about is Bobby's. Because while he is amazing, he's not reading quite yet, and I have to knit in front of him. That's something I'm hoping to figure out in the future: knitting gifts for people you live with. Suggestions and advice on this front are very welcome.

I am knitting him a sweater:

It's based on a sweater a friend of mine did and I just changed the pattern around the yoke. I'm hoping to get it done soon enough to take pictures and put them in Christmas cards. Now, why I think I'll actually get Christmas cards out this year with a baby when I haven't gotten them out in the past 3 years without one, I don't know, but it's a hope I have. Anyway, this sweater is knit from the top down, so I'm getting closer to the place where I divide for the arms. I'm really hoping it fits him!

That's all I can safely say about knitting so on to Bobby. I can type or talk all day about him. He had his first Thanksgiving.

That morning we tried out our brand new waffle maker. I had been wanting one for quite a while. I think waffles are kind of like magic. You pour in the batter and then with hardly any effort get a beautiful and tasty waffle. Much easier than pancakes in my opinion. So having family over for breakfast provided the perfect reason to get this magical waffle maker! So I had my waffle maker and waffle mix and made my disclaimer about it being the first time I had ever made waffles (the magic may take a little bit, you never know) and gave it a whirl.

The first batch turned out pretty good. A few of the squares had holes and they weren't even, but overall, not too bad. Bob read me part of the directions and said maybe we should be putting in more batter. So I mixed up 1/2 again as much batter as the first time. I happily poured it onto the iron and spread it a little. As I was closing it I thought, "hmmm, the back is a little drippy. Oh well, there's a little ridge around the edge and I can wipe up any little bit that goes over that."

Bob came around the corner as I closed it and he commented on it as well. But, he pointed out, lots of waffle makers have batter on the edges, so maybe it's supposed to do that.

Then it erupted volcano style. It poured out of the waffle maker, down the sides, onto the counter, onto the stove top, under the dish rack. It was gross and just kept coming. You can see where we had wiped it up, but wow. I'm pretty sure that more poured onto the counters than I had actually made.

As we were cleaning it up it beeped; our waffles were done. So we opened it up and the top half was neatly cooked to the top iron and the bottom half to the bottom iron.


I thought maybe we needed to let them cook together. Maybe some waffle magic would happen if we gave it another chance. I closed the iron turned it up and let it go a little bit longer. Yeah it didn't work, and notice the little trace of smoke? I ended up peeling the top half of four waffles off the top iron and onto my plate. Bob, got the bottom half.

Some waffle magic did happen though: those waffles were still delicious!

Bobby didn't get waffles (or bacon or eggs or coffee or sausage or juice. Just ask him. He protested the whole time.) that morning, but that afternoon he had a chance to try mashed potatoes. But, he decided they aren't really his thing. His reaction to potatoes made me worry that maybe he's not going to like any vegetables at all. He hasn't liked peas (I'm not giving up though, I think they were just too thick), sweet potatoes, or rice cereal. And then not even plain old white potato? He still loves bananas and pears, but I'm pretty sure you can't survive a lifetime on those two things alone.

In an attempt to find something else he likes we tried out carrots yesterday. Another hit. He took a few tentative bites, had to be encouraged to try again, but then couldn't get enough of them! Here is an interview about his experience:

He's become quite a bit more talkative and has some new tricks, but I'll save some of that for tomorrow.

On Monday of last week we took him in for another renal scan and ultrasound. Tomorrow afternoon we head back to the hospital for the results of those follow-up tests. Hopefully we'll be told that all is well!

Until then bundle up!

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Anonymous said...

So is that Thanksgiving baby bald. Not to photographers related to Ganny,always get the top of the head or at least the feet to complete the picture. Tee-Hee
I love the video and how Bobby is developing his flirty head tilt.