Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Last Three Weeks- Bobby

I haven't blogged in 3 weeks. I meant to plenty of times. I even started a few posts, but they never were finished and then their moment had passed. So, here it is three weeks since my last post, and quite a bit has happened. This post will cover Bobby and his exploits. I'll post again later about my crafting pursuits.

The last time I posted Bobby was ridiculously close to crawling. He would even sort of meditate on his hands and knees, but then revert to his tummy crawl. Well, he saw another little boy crawling around and decided crawling was definitely the cool thing to do. He is unstoppable now.
His speed made it impossible for us to always be right next to him and so we baby proofed with all of the safety paraphernalia. That leaves him pretty much just his toy basket to get into, and for the longest time one of his favorite games was pulling it out and tipping everything out of it.

He wants to get into everything (and often does), and I knew it was time for the second level of baby-proofing when I was in the kitchen and leaned over to check on him and he was munching on the wrapper of some of my secret chocolate stash:

It's incredible how fast he learns and I'm almost scared to think he'll be walking soon. It's amazing, but in an awe, fear, and wonder sort of way at times!

Of course, Bobby just celebrated his first Christmas. He received his first Christmas card and was very excited!
Receiving something in the mail reminded us that we needed to actually mail things for them to arrive before Christmas and Bobby helped us wrap presents for his cousins. His reward was this wonderful piece of ribbon that he dragged around for a few days:

In the run up to Christmas he helped by being very self-entertaining and patient while I tried to finish a bunch of presents. He also went Christmas shopping with me and his Nochi and once on a short trip with his daddy. I'm not sure what he thought of all the shake up to his schedule, but I think he enjoyed himself overall.

On Christmas Eve we bundled him up and took him to a candle light service. He was pretty happy to be back in the Bjorn with his daddy. He gets very excited when Bob puts it on.

Bob and I went sans the fire near him during the service, but this was what greeted us as we approached the church. It certainly helped my spirit given that I was still frantically working away at gifts.

On Christmas, Bobby had breakfast with one set of grandparents. The waffles turned out much better, but Bobby still didn't get one. He did, however, hang out with some of his biggest fans, play with a new stuffed dog, and play a little bit of peek-a-boo.

In the early afternoon two more sets of grandparents came by for dinner. We had a pretty good meal, and then he had his first go at opening presents. Here he is getting a tutorial on unwrapping on the present he gave my parents (sorry it's blurry):It took a few more demonstrations before he was ready to tear into paper, but once he understood what he needed to do he was disturbingly good at it.

He even made a go at my presents at one point, but luckily he still had some in his own pile we could distract him with.

He had a great time I would say. He saw almost all of his family, was able to take a nap with his mom for about an hour (we both needed it by then), and received plenty of new books and toys to entertain him when the boxes and paper lose their luster!

He managed to stay in his pajamas all day because it was the only Christmas clothing we had. I didn't get his sweater done in time; my new goal on that is for the new year.

The day after Christmas he received yet another present and was pretty excited:

Then later we all went to a couple's house for Boxing Day. Bobby was able to wear his new Christmas outfit announcing this as his first Christmas and he was able to open another present there and brought one home! He was too tired last night to open it so he opened it this morning and was enthusiastic about all the noises it makes. Bob and I aren't quite sure about it, yet.

But, with so many family and friends that love him (and three day's worth of present opening) I would say he is a very lucky little boy! I hope you had as happy a holiday as he did.


Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Ohh! It looks like you guys had a fantastic Christmas! Great pics!

Lisa said...

How is it possible that he is so happy in every single picture? He is so adorable!!! Glad to hear you had a great Christmas. I can't wait to be able to take pictures of Miles.

leah said...

Because he loves to ham it up for the camera and you can't see his beautiful eyes when he's screaming his head off... and I don't particularly feel like taking his picture at those moments either... ... :)