Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ice Day

This morning, after being up with Bobby for 45 minutes as he pretended to sleep only to open his eyes and smile in a "I fooled you!" kind of way, I was resetting our alarm clock from 4:30 to 5:00 deciding that I needed the extra 30 minutes more than I needed breakfast or dry hair or even matching shoes. I was also thinking that if somehow school could be cancelled that would be ideal.

Alas, my hope of snow days and the such has only grown stronger the older I become. I hope endlessly, but I also have that more typical adult characteristic of thinking things just don't really ever work out the way you'd really like them to, but you're resigned to it and don't get too worked up over it (much). If they didn't cancel school when students were complaining of chest pain from walking in the subzero temperatures or when they were almost getting frostbite waiting for late busses, they certainly weren't going to cancel it now that it had warmed up. It even snowed a bit yesterday, but not anywhere near enough.

But this morning, right after my 5:00 o'clock alarm went off I heard the phone ring and seeing the name on the caller ID I knew that somehow it was my lucky day! Apparently, while we were tucked safely in our house and in bed (though not sleeping, thanks to our charming little boy) it was raining on top of that new snow and that was creating a very nasty bit of ice. So, while the dangerous conditions aren't a good thing, that we can stay home and rest and be together is perfectly timed.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I checked just to see and there was a post. Yes, Hooray for "down days". I was ready for my call because of Erin. My call came 30 minutes later.
Have a fun snow day and don't let him make up his sleep during the day. Tee Hee