Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Favorite Games

Every few weeks Bobby seems to invent a new favorite game or have a favorite toy that he always goes to when he's not sure what to do (or that I set him down with when I'm not sure what to do). In the lest few days, though, he seems to have come up with several new ones.

I'm not sure what this one was, but it had something to do with putting a sweater over the arm of the chair. Not under, not around, not on the floor, not anything else but over.

Then of course he started pulling everything off the chair and putting it on the floor, but that's been an old favorite for a long time.

This past summer I made what I thought were coasters. We've even been using them as coasters since I made them (and they're pretty convenient given that they can be thrown in the washing machine after I spill something on them). But a couple of nights ago Bobby showed us their true purpose: flat blocks. Depending on his mood he will sit and put them in and out of his blue chair, wipe the inside of his blue chair, pass them back and forth with you, eat them, crawl with one in each hand or any combination of these things.

They're even better as flat blocks than they were as coasters! (Actually, we do steal them back now and again for their first purpose, but don't tell him that.)

He also discovered he likes to build things. He helped out with his new dresser and a few new cabinets for food. Okay so, the most help he was was during the first hour when he took a nap, but we won't tell him that, either.

This new found hobby has lead to an interest in how things are put together. As a result he frequently checks out the table to make sure it won't collapse during meal time or during his other favorite game.

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