Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still Picking Along

My finger is healing up quite nicely. The skin glue peeled off this morning. Well, I actually helped it the rest of the way, it kept getting caught on band-aids, clothes, hair, Bobby, my other fingers, and apparently the air as well. So, I figured since it's not so floppy anymore (at all really) I could do with just a band-aid! Plus, now I can wash it properly. Big plus!

I was able, thankfully, to continue knitting in my usual way (holding the yarn in my left hand). I tried with my right and it seriously looked as though I had never knit a consistent stitch in my life. It was not pretty, and given the hat I was working on, I really wanted it to be at least bearable.
(Hat looks better on a head, but I didn't have a convenient one at the time. Bobby's is a bit too small and he has a habit of pulling off hats as I try to get the picture anyway!)

So then I tried knitting with my left hand, but a different finger: no dice. Still pretty awful.

Then I discovered I could still use the index finger on my left hand if I slid the yarn back a bit and made sure the band-aid was smooth in that section (fingers and their tips are pretty hard to wrap, I've discovered). So, with this new found power I finished the Aran hat I was knitting and started a hat for my sister.
The hat is actually a little darker than this picture shows, and I was worried about the colors not having enough contrast, but I think it will turn out quite nice!

So, the whole ordeal with my finger has taught me two things (so far):

1. Rotary cutters are very sharp, and I should not be using them if it's just me and Bobby at home, because he can't drive me to the hospital yet.

2. I really should make myself learn to knit with different fingers and keep up my ability to knit with my right hand (it's all I used for the first year I knit). Especially if I'm a slow leaner on the first thing I should have learned from this experience!

And in Bobby news, he has had a cold and cough the last few days. He started coming down with it last weekend and I keep having flash backs to the little girl from the emergency room. He was doing better for a few days, but finally yesterday we took him in just to check and make sure he didn't have something horrible that was going to strike him down within hours (you worry about these things, you know). And, sure enough he's okay, just really cough-y and gooey, and boy does he hate having his nose sucked or wiped! You'd think we were ruining his life, but then as soon as it's over he's back to his goofy, grinning, playing self again!

He hasn't been the most consistent eater, either, so they checked to see if he was anemic while we were there and he didn't even react to the finger pokes, or the band aid for that matter. I would think that if he's going to scream as loud as he can while we are just wiping his nose with a tissue, he would at least have the decency to not smile at the woman as she is squeezing blood out of his finger... ... Oh well!

And, he's hilarious and finding new ways to make himself laugh all the time. Yesterday he was cracking up at my attempts to juggle, which I actually used to be able to do, but apparently almost cutting off my finger is just a symptom of a larger klutz issue. And, he also thought it was too cool to look at me through some of his tupperware.


Anonymous said...

So his he anemic? I don't think you gave the answer.
And thanks so much for putting up more. I really was going to get on you about not posting, finger or not. : )
So you made a 2nd Aran hat? I am so jealous. Still on the first one but then I do knit on the sock and I pick up the stitches for my sleeve. Someone taught me that you can do several projects at once!

leah said...

Ooh, good point. He is a little anemic, but not enough for them to worry about it. The pediatrician said that almost all babies are a little anemic around 9 months if they're not making the solid food change real well. She said we'd worry more about it if it was still an issue at 12 months.

Yeah for multiple projects!!!

Anonymous said...

So, is that a 2nd hat?
And if I have my sweater, hat, and started on a 2nd hat ready for the next class then I will say yeah for mulitple projects. : )