Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dreaming of Summer

I have been obsessed with skirts lately. All I seem to want to do is sew, knit, think about, and wear skirts. I think it's a sign that really I want summer. I'm sure it's some sort of emotional transfer or something: during the summer I can wear skirts whenever I want (without fear of frostbite), I'm wanting the weather of summer so I'm wanting the clothing that goes with it. Makes sense, right?

So, while no new skirts have been made, I've been thinking a lot about them and have a lot of ideas. If all goes according to my plans I'll be wearing a new skirt practically every day!

Okay, so that's too optimistic, I only have plans for 3 different ones right now. But go with me on this one!

This is the fabric the first one will be made from. I can't wait to get it finished!

Actually, right now I'd settle for even getting it started...

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alaskamommy said...

I'm looking at Anna Maria Horner fabrics online and my copy of Sew What! Skirts, and I'm in the mood to make skirts too! If you sew one and wear it to church, come up and show me. My goal is to make matching Easter skirts for Anna and me. Da boyz can wear Target clothes....