Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Few Little Things

I am going to talk about a few little things that are pretty much entirely unrelated. I will, however, try to manage some rough transitions; no promises.

First, Bobby is teaching me how amazing human beings truly are. It wasn't until now, as I watch him grow and learn, that I realized how much coordination and thought has to go into almost everything we do. Walking for example, is one tough nut to crack! You have to push off with one foot, and catch yourself with the next one before you fall on your face. Even just standing up straight can be a major achievement! Bobby taught me this as he modified an ottoman we have and turned it into his very own walker:

His reaction when he notices the camera is pretty typical and makes it challenging to get pictures sometimes. He either crawls over and gets in the camera's face, or he hams it up. It's hilarious. And, he's not doing his huge smile as much any more. He's trying out a new look that you catch glimpses of at the end of the video. His new happy smiling face is one where his nose is wrinkled up and he bares his gums at you with wrinkled eyes. Pretty cute!

New topic, but we're still on Bobby. As I said a little while back, he's not the most consistent eater. Now we're just trying a variety of new foods. Last night he tried out pineapple. It seemed to not really be his favorite.

He loved playing with it, felt the texture, put it all over his hands, hair, arms, belly, table, chair, floor, my shirt, Bob's shirt, but didn't really want it in his mouth. He even managed to get some in his eyes. And, when that happened his screaming meant that this attempt at new foods was over. He was happily playing with his turtle later though, so no lasting damage.
Then today his eyes were opened to the wonder that is pineapple by his Nochi. (And, Bob's theory that he just wants what we're eating instead of his own baby food was affirmed.) He still played with it a lot first, but he did enjoy sucking the juice off of the fruit and even had a little bit of the pulp. But, he didn't really go for the little pieces I cut up for him. Instead he ended up with his grandmother's chunk of fruit. We tried to get video of this, but again, he kind of reacts crazy to the camera!

We plan on trying watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew soon!

Moving on to a new topic, I will transition with these photos that I use to support my hopes that one day Bobby will love to knit with me! Right now he resents it a bit when I pick up the needles.

I'm working on my sister's hat and I love it so far, but I'm at the point where I need to turn up the hem and it's easiest (or so I read) to just knit the lining into a row. So, here it is all ready to be knitted into the next row. And for an hour and a half I tried to do just that. But, somehow it didn't really work and while I have the same number of stitches in both rows, I ended up with 28 stitches left on the needles and over 30 on the row to be knit into it. Wasn't really going to work. So, I had to undo all the work I had done so far and was left with this. A whole pile of not-in-the-ball yarn. Not a huge [pile, but still had a ton of fun to try to sort that out! I plan on trying again soon, and I've marked the stitches to be picked up so that hopefully it will be easier this time, and I'll actually be able to move on with the rest of the hat!

And lastly, still in the crafting vein, but on the sewing front, I worked on a few more blocks for my Twinkle quilt and am liking the ways the colors work together!

Well, that ends the whirlwind tour of random happenings around my house the last few days! I hope you all are staying warm!

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Rach said...

Wow...I can't believe how much Bobby has grown! It doesn't seem that long ago that he was just a little bug snuggled up in your arms...and now he is cruising around!

And he is so cute!!!