Monday, February 9, 2009

On My Mind

I've had a couple of things on my mind lately and thought I'd share them briefly. Well, I've had more than just these two things, but these are crafting related, and all I really have time to talk about before heading to work.

First, I have a friend that spins and dyes (though not necessarily in that order) her own yarn. It is beautiful and inspiring, and while I thought, "Yeah, I could do some dying, I could see getting into that," I never was really that interested in spinning. Watching her spin and ply made me think that it was out of my league. And, (I hate to admit this) I was a little afraid that the texture might get to me. I get weird shivers when too much yarn goes over my hands too fast for too long, and I was afraid the same thing might happen with spinning. But the other day I found myself thinking about it. A lot about it.

Then she started working on this. I think I am going to closely monitor the progress. I imagine if you get excited about finishing a whole sweater for yourself, then you'd get an even bigger sense of achievement after finishing a sweater for your husband that you also dyed and spun the yarn for. I'm going to watch closely to see if the increased sense of gratification is worth it. I have the sneaking suspicion it totally is... ...

Second, another friend of mine is always finding the best books about crafting, being creative, and other just generally good resourceful books. The last three books I've bought (and six I've read) have been her recommendations (or loans). Because of these books, I've been spending more time thinking about sewing clothes, both new from patterns and by-the-yard fabric and reconstructed from old cast-offs. I spent a few hours yesterday (not all at once, but here and there between other things) thinking about how I could turn two brown pillowcases into skirts that didn't look like they used to be pillowcases... ...

An unfortunate side effect of this new interest in this other side of sewing is that my drive to get current projects finished has sputtered a little bit. Instead I now want to be sewing baby booties, place mats, pencil rolls, and skirts!

I'm resisting the urge to call in sick, sneak back home, and work in the craft room all morning.

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