Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Something Good

I'm not sure yet, but I feel something good coming on. I think maybe, just maybe, I might getting a small case of "finish-it-up-itis." (And, that would be the sound of my mother rejoicing and the ice crackling in the underworld.) For some reason, I really want to get things finished. I have lots of plans and I keep thinking things along the lines of, "Ooh, when I finish that project I can start on this project" or "When I finish this project I can spread out that project" or "When I'm done with those things I'll have room for these things." Now, the majority of these thoughts aren't new, but the "when I finish" part is completely unexpected. I don't know why it is suddenly cropping up in my thought process. But, it has to be a good thing.

So, in this spirit I have finished another baby hat (no pictures, because mom reads this blog and by golly at least part of it has to be a surprise!) and a belated birthday gift. I also pulled out a project I started this summer.

It's a lap quilt that will look mostly like this except with three strip panels, and sewn together, and not hanging from my ironing board.

Because I couldn't sew this afternoon, I decided to cut the scraps up into pieces for a table runner. It's going to be great (I think), but it's been a bit difficult making sure I had enough left over fabric. For example I needed 13 more 1.5"X2.5" strips out of the green fabric. I glanced over to my strip pile and thought, "Excellent, more green!"Then I realized exactly how much green I was seeing.
Not quite the 35" I needed.

So, I cut what I could (4 pieces) and decided that this table runner is supposed to look scrappy, not necessarily balanced, so I cut the remaining pieces out of other fabrics. Then I turned to the final pieces I needed (63 more 1.5" squares), and realized I had no more fabric left.

Nothing. It was all gone.

All I had was my little pile of what I thought was going to end up being 96 1.5" squares that I had carefully saved out of the longer strips.

Seeing as how I had spent a good deal of time and effort figuring out how to cut all the other pieces, and I was being very economical in my cutting I was frustrated that it would all come to naught.

I started looking through my fat quarters; nothing would work for the centers.

Then I clawed through my scraps; none of the pieces that would work had enough fabric left to them.

In a last ditch effort, I dug through my (other) scrap drawer, and my reluctance to part with fabric paid off. I'm hoping this doesn't result in a relapse into hoarding in other areas of my life (or house). But this time I was lucky enough to find squares of a perfect creamy color already cut to the size I needed! How amazing is that!?

So, I'm hoping the hopeful and positive energy that has suddenly sprung up in my life will lead to more successes like this one! I'm also hoping to have a long list of finished projects very soon!


Anonymous said...

So when do I get to see the hat and all the finished projects?
Oh, thanks for winding the yarn for me. Aubrey gave it to me last night but of course I have no time to work on the sweater.
I hear Bobby's balance is improving daily
I need to see that little guy!

Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Go Leah! Plus I am in love with the fabric in your lap quilt!!! I can't wait to see it when it's finished. Unfortunately last night I was struck with startitis - I MUST resist