Monday, April 27, 2009

Going for a Record?

No, I'm just a lazy bum who couldn't seem to get herself downstairs to actually write anything on the only computer that has everything I need to post to the blog (the pictures, videos, not-quite-so-skittish internet connection, etc). And, with the improving weather we've been out and about a bit more, so I haven't been home quite as much.

Luckily I can say that I haven't been totally lazy. If you remember back to the last post about, oh a month ago, Bobby was getting pretty mobile. Well now he can go wherever he wants whenever he wants, and he let's us know if we get in his way.
(The stain on his onesie is from his dinner)
You don't see it in that video, but the only reason I think he isn't running yet is that he gets so excited about how great he is he forgets to keep his feet moving and falls on his face. Though usually his arms catch him. Usually.

In the past three weeks (only 3 days away from a whole month, yikes) we all went out and voted in the municipal elections and Bobby carried his dad's "I Voted" sticker all the way home waving and screeching about it to all the cars we passed along the way.

Bobby also had a birthday! He has gone from being an itty, bitty, beautiful baby to a beautiful, energetic, though still quite slender, little boy! It's crazy to look back over the last year and think of all the ways he's changed. He's gone from not being able to even reliably turn his own head to walking. Amazing

On his birthday, his aunts dressed him in his tuxedo onesie so he looked quite charming! Then the weekend right after his actual birthday, we had his party! He wore his birthday crown much longer than I expected him to and he ran around talking with all of the people he knew, opening cards and gifts, and playing with his new toys.
He's been playing with his new farm toys almost non-stop, he puts his new stuffed animals (including one long caterpillar) into and out of a bag I made him and kisses each one in turn. It's great watching him come up with new games and ways to play with all sorts of things around him.

One of his most favorite new things to do is play with his new shoes! He tries to put them on himself after we get home and take them off. He doesn't quite have the coordination to know which shoe goes with which foot or that the shoe can't be entered ankle first, but he trucks around in them as soon as he can get them on his feet (usually after he has sat down and handed them to me with his foot in the air)!

We had his one year check up and while he's tall, he's really skinny. So we're going to head back into the pediatrician's office tomorrow to see if he's managed to gain any weight over the last two weeks. We've been trying all sorts of new foods, but he's still pretty picky. The one food we discovered he really enjoys is yogurt. I figured this out after he ate practically my entire breakfast cup of yogurt on Saturday morning.

He's been doing better with sleeping as well, not waking up wanting to eat at midnight for a few nights each week has been really nice and makes me hope that we're gradually moving towards a full night's sleep!

That is, in a very small nutshell, all the shenanigans Bobby has been up to, and each day brings new and exciting ways for hims to learn about the world and all the amazing things he can do!

On the crafting side of things, I've made Bobby a bag (which is bigger than his diaper bag) that he uses to put things into and out of, and with much help from friends, the birthday banner and some caterpillar pillows were finished for his birthday as well. I also finished 6 pillows for our couch and papasan that I love!And a table runner for a friend. This was only my second time putting a binding on anything, so I'm looking forward to getting better at that, but it didn't turn out too bad!

So, little boy is walking like a pro now, I'm still sewing and knitting. I finished up a pair of socks and am taking a class on knitting socks from the toe up. It uses a great cast on that makes me smile whenever I get it right. I haven't royally messed it up so far, so I'm hoping to not have to ever find out how it makes me feel when I don't get it right. And, as part of this class I have confronted and defeated a nemesis of mine: Kitchener stitch. I can now do it and it looks beautiful and so the sock knitting world is laid out wide at my feet and I can't wait to see what happens! One thing that I hope happens is that I finish the pair I have on the needles now. Those would be on my size 1 needles...