Saturday, May 2, 2009

An Extreme Day

Today was a day of extremes: extreme crafting, extreme crying, extreme walking, extreme laughing and giggling, extremely beautiful weather, extreme hours, and extreme fatigue brought on by being so very extreme all day.

We started with a baby shower for a lovely new little girl and her lovely parents. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to see the new arrival, and Bobby was able to meet a few young kids and run around and not be considered a bother. The other kids were older than he, but they were impressively good at being patient with a new and younger kid, and Bobby is getting better at understanding other children. He has also learned the social cue to laugh, but has not learned to make his laugh sound natural or to stop laughing when everyone else does. Instead he takes up with a clearly artificial, "oh, yeah that was so funny" kind of laugh right about the time everyone else stops laughing. Today it created a wonderful echo effect that I was grateful no one seemed to mind.

While we were there though he experienced some extreme crying when he tripped out of a hug from one of the other children (he's still not quite the best at the whole balancing thing) and his lower lip cushioned the fall of his teeth to the floor. The resulted bloody bruised lower lip was quite pitiful as he set to wailing and screaming as loudly as he could manage. He did, though, make a valiant recovery and was soon happily playing again. Until he squished his finger with no help from anyone else. Then he just hung out on my hip.

The shower was great fun and I've been looking forward to it for the 3-4 weeks I've known about it. When I look forward to things, especially those that involve gifts and babies, I start to plan what I want to make. So, given my timeframe I should have been able to crank out several handmade gifts of gifting quality. However, given my highly developed ability to procrastinate I waited until about 7:00 last night to start. Luckily I have a very supportive husband, who conveniently also doesn't want to deal with how cranky I can get when I don't get everything finished, and he took over care of Bobby for the night. Including his many small wake-ups and fussings. (Given the stink coming off his rear most of today I can confidently say, I think he had gas.)

My husband also is a great listener, and after I had finished some burp rags (though can we call such cute cotton flannel prints "rags"?), had started then abandoned plans for appliqued onesies, and was cutting pieces for a bag, I confided in him that I was a bit crazy. He asked why and I explained that when the bag was done I still wanted to knit a hat. After standing quietly for a minute he said, "I think you should just do the hat. She may not need a bag, but the hat she'll use." I conceded the point and gladly sat in bed next to him knitting away. I finished the knitting part of the hat and saved the tassels and ends for the morning. So the extreme crafting involves deadlines: I finished the hat and the bag this morning. My only disappointment is that our camera battery is dead so I have only memories of the bag that I think turned out so nicely!

After the shower and all of its bits were over we drove home for a bit of a nap. Bob and I were hoping for more, but Bobby was contented with just a bit. We then decided to enjoy the sun, walked to the mall, around a park, and there Bobby toddled around pointing at the clear blue sky, trying his level best to leave his sunglasses in a place we wouldn't find them, and stalking a female chihuahua whose owner said, "has a bad attitude." I think Bobby was of the opinion that it was the first dog he had ever seen that seemed closer to the right proportion to him. I don't think he understands attitudes yet. At least, not anyone's but his own.

We then walked home and commenced the extreme giggling part of our day. I love hearing Bobby laugh his real, belly laughs, but he finds the oddest things hilarious and rarely laughs at the same thing twice. Today he couldn't get enough of seeing Bob try to flip things with his feet. I don't think it was the various stuffed animals and balls flying about as it was seeing his dad jump around in such a goofy way. Even if nothing went into the air Bobby giggled madly, yet when his Easter chick flew up from Bob's hand he sat nonplussed waiting for something impressive to happen. It was far to near his bedtime to be getting him so excited, but his laugh is so amazing it's hard to stop.

Getting him to bed brought on another bought of extreme crying because he was both so exhausted but still so sure that he didn't actually want to go to sleep. He did though, and is still sleeping peacefully while Bob is chaperoning Prom for his school and I type this blog post. Those are the extremely late hours we're keeping today. And seeing as how Bobby wakes us up about 6:00 each day, we will both be extremely tired tomorrow.

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