Friday, May 8, 2009

The Hair Cut

Bobby had his first hair cut on Wednesday. He did an amazing job! He sat on his daddy's lap and didn't cry or scream. He whimpered a little bit and squirmed like crazy, but that just meant the cut was a little uneven in a few spots. He left with his ears and eyes unharmed and even had his first taste of a sucker. It was mango flavored and he loved it. He drooled all over Bob and himself trying to get more of that goodness. He looks even more like Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes to me now, but I think he likes it.


Anonymous said...

way cute! Do I have an amazing grandson or what. I hope you have e-mailed me this pics so I can put up a new desktop at school.

Sally said...

That last picture is amazing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sally, that is a great last picture Sweety! Great job.