Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Now!

Bob is back, so the whole family is together again! Bobby and I are both very happy. We went out to dinner to celebrate his return and Bobby couldn't get enough of him. He showed off his new chewing abilities. It's amazing, impressive, and a mite scary how quickly he cottoned on to the whole eating thing once he decided he liked it. It's funny though, he apparently thinks ice is food. He was crunching away on it, and would have stuffed his cheeks with it had Bob let him. And if it wasn't ice that just melted into water, as ice has a tendency to do. I'm hoping this just means he's getting a new tooth (who thought I'd ever hope for that!?).
Besides bringing back his awesome daddy self, Bob displayed once again how exceptionally lucky I am to be married to him. He brought me back this:
Now I know at first glance it appears to be a paper bag made out of an Indian newspaper. And in fact it is. And it's a cool recycled, fair-trade, support the children type bag. But the really exciting part was what was in the bag.

Yes, my friends, this man truly understands me. He found a yarn shop with real wool and asked for local stuff, the good stuff, and bought me 5 beautiful skeins. They are all different fiber contents from 50/50 angora and wool to 10/90 silk and wool to 100% Shetland wool. And while I have some ideas of what to knit up with a few of them, I imagine many an hour will be spent wiled away on Ravelry picking out the perfect project for such a perfect gift.

Do you ever just sit there in wonder and amazement that someone can understand you so well?

No wonder I missed him so much.

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