Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Excitin' Stuff!

The last time I blogged was a Friday. The next day Bob and I (and Bobby, he's independent, but not that independent) went looking at houses. The weather here has been beautiful: clear and hot with a light wind to keep you from totally baking. But that morning it was cool and overcast. It made me feel better that we weren't wasting some of our precious few sunny days on looking at houses. We've been looking for about 18 months now. There have been lulls, because you reach points where you've literally seen everything in your price range and so you can't go looking every weekend, or you're so frustrated with the whole process you just can't work up the pluck to keep looking. But we've been watching the market and even tried for a few houses. But through a variety of circumstances never ended up with anything that was everything we wanted and at a price was affordable, or even reasonable in our opinion.

Last Saturday morning we went out looking at 6 different places. We decided that we were going to buy a house this summer. We decided that even if neither of use had that "this is it" feeling, if we could make it work for 5-7 years then we would buy the house. We saw two that were pretty good. One that was ridiculous (and that might explain why it has been on the market for so long). One that was really cute, but needed a lot of work. One that was great inside, but the fence was falling down around the dandelion yard, and there was a ghost dog howling the entire time we were looking at it.

Then we went to look at the last house and both had that feeling when we walked in. I was skeptical going in, but it has everything we need. And, barring any extreme changes (one person mentioned triplets, that would be a whole new kind of crazy, but of course, now I'm worried) we could live there the until all the kids move out. And then it would be too big and we'd probably move on.

On the way home we talked about it, the clouds broke and the day became another sunny beauty, and we called our realtor. We had afternoon plans, but we arranged to meet him that evening. The afternoon Bob and I both got sunburns because we were outside enjoying the day. Then my mom watched Bobby while we talked about and signed the offer. I hate the waiting so I was on pins and needles from about half way through that hour-long meeting until we heard.

We went to dinner, went to get ice cream, and then got the call. The realtor greeted Bob with, "Congratulations! You're in debt!" They accepted the,offer as it was and now we're working our way through the rest of the process. The home inspection is tomorrow and that has me the most nervous. The closest we came to buying a house before was undone by the variety of things found in the inspection. We just couldn't do a new roof, windows, porch, and all appliances. Too bad. I'm not overly worried about this house, though. It looks to my untrained eye like it has been taken care of really well. But, we'll see what the professional says!

Bob and I are trying to not get too excited, but we're also pretty sure this is the place that's going to work out. We've been doing a bit of packing and sorting just to prepare and then if nothing comes of it, at least we'll be more organized where we are.

But, if all goes well, we'll have our own home before the end of July!

And if all goes really well, the interest rates will go back down at least a smidge before then.

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