Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Few Firsts

I completely neglected to take pictures, but Bobby has had a few firsts in the past couple of days. It's amazing to me the number of experiences he has that are new.

Working backwards, this evening he went out for a stroll in the rain. It was light enough near our house so we strapped him in, put on our rain jackets, and tried out the new rain cover we have for his stroller. He liked running his hands over it from the inside and contorting it so he could see out the sides. That had the unfortunate side-effect of letting some rain get to him, but it was so light, I don't think he noticed. We let him out at the park strip and he ran around picking up rocks and pointing at others. Then he pushed his stroller around for a long while. He loves doing "grown up" things and pushing things: his stroller lets him do both!

Before the walk we had dinner and after he polished off about 1/2 cup of pasta (a new record amount) he asked for some of the chicken nuggets we were eating. I felt like I finally had a real toddler watching him as he chowed down on the nuggets. I also was happy that he's finally willing to diversify his eating portfolio a bit; before his diet consisted of pretty much 6 flavors of yo-baby yogurt and goldfish. So, the pasta and meat of any kind is quite remarkable!

Earlier today he showed that he knows exactly how to go down the stairs without being prompted. He sits down, turns around, and slides backwards on his belly. He's known how for a while, but had to be reminded or positioned first. Now he gets ready a good 3 or 4 feet before the actual stairs. Then it's hilarious watching him work his way backwards, all the while checking behind him wondering why he hasn't reached the stairs yet! He's also a champ at going up, but he's been doing that for a while now.

Yesterday, he learned to comb and brush his hair and now whenever he finds a brush or comb he rubs it on his head. He's not always getting the teeth or bristles on his hair, but some part of it is making contact. This morning that included Bob's toothbrush that luckily was still in the packaging.

On Tuesday he went to his first park. We walked with another friend and after she demonstrated the slide for him he seemed more interested. I think it was part of the whole grown up behavior thing. But he was more interested in the little baby in the stroller (which he didn't get to push) and the rocks. In case there was any doubt, he is certainly a real boy. He stood picking up rocks and dropping the back to the ground, listening to the clink of them hitting each other, and pouring them between his hands and mine for a good 5 minutes. I think that's when I got my sunburn. He also grabbed a handful to put on the slide; see, a real boy for sure.

The day after I found a stow away rock in his shirt pocket.

Even before then, he had his first mosquito bite, which finally started to look better so my fears about malaria, yellow fever, and the west nile virus are a little calmer now. A little. He's been growing, learning, and changing so much in the past few weeks and it's been truly amazing to watch.

It also made me think that each of these new experiences is teaching him about himself, other people, and the world. I wonder how much of it he takes in or how aware he is that he is seeing something new to him. Then I wondered how often we are paying close enough attention to know that often we, also, are seeing and experiencing things that are new to us, even if it's just in the details.


Anonymous said...

Hoorah, going down has been conquered! Did he eat a whole chicken nugget. Way to go

leah said...

He are the equivalent of a whole one, but they were in little pieces. Those suckers are surprisingly hard to pull apart!