Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Little Progress

So, after my little pity party yesterday I made a few decisions.

1. I really need to be organized if I am going to take full advantage of the time I do have to craft. If I spend 20 of my 45 minutes just looking for all the tools and materials I needs because I don't have them put in their special places then it's not a wonder that I feel like I'm wasting time. Because, after all, I am wasting time!

2. I will be more relaxed if I feel like I'm being productive. This is kind of like exercise, or doing your homework, or cleaning house: until it gets done it's just hanging over your head stressing you out. All of the activities we participate in to try to "entertain" ourselves or to distract ourselves from the things we need to do in life are clouded and muddied if we haven't "taken care of business" as my dad says. So, while crafting is actually one of those things that is usually classified as a hobby that distracts from the everyday necessities of living, this is how I'm applying the principle to my life right now: I'm going to knit when I get the chance and oh well if it doesn't look or seem like I'm relaxing.

3. I need to limit the number of projects I let myself work on at one time. Before my mom does the happy dance let me make a few things clear on this point. This does not mean one knitting project at a time, one sewing project. No, this means one lace project, one sock, one big mindless project, and one color work project for knitting and for sewing I went through and organized the projects I have going in time order of importance. (The things that are "past due" I just continued to ignore).

4. It just ain't gonna happen, so get over it. With everything else going on this summer it's a wonder I get any crafting done at all anyway. So, I'm going to be happy about the things I do get done, no matter what they are. Last night, as a case in point we went through and managed to remove one full bookshelf's worth of books from our possession. (Actually they're still in our house, but two boxes are for the used book store, one is for Bob's school, one for mine, and one for a coworker of his and then to the bookstore. But the point is, there is an empty bookshelf and that means only one bookshelf full of books to pack from that room.) We still have 4 bookshelves to go through, but the point is something is getting done.

In some ways, there's been a little progress.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I only did the happy dance with my feet BUT I understand how you classified "one project". Scary, you might be bringing me to the dark side because I have one striped sock and one "patterned" sock going at the same time.

Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Go Leah! Funny how summer always seems to hold such endless possibilities, yet it still holds to the same rules of organization....pretty lame in my opinion!