Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Little Adventures

Adventure #1
Summer usually means construction up here, and lots of it everywhere. So it was not a surprise that we ran into some while heading home yesterday. We were taking a back route away from a toy store and were diverted down an unfamiliar road. Unexpectedly, Bob exclaimed, "Olive?!" and got really excited (would you have expected that?). Now, he doesn't like to eat olives, so I knew he wasn't going to hop out of the moving car to snag a roadside treat, but I had my nose in knitting a swatch so missed the street sign he was referring to.

He looked at me with that adorable little boy anticipation kind of look and asked, "Haven't you ever wondered where that road went?"

Seeing as how I am rarely down on those particular streets, I had to answer honestly and say, "I've never even heard of it."

He followed up with a hurried explanation of what road he thought it might be and asked if I had ever seen a road and wondered where it went. "You know, wonder who gets to drive on it and why."

"No, not really." Which isn't true, but I've never had a curiosity so strong that I stopped the car, turned it around, and drove back for the sole purpose of going down that mysterious avenue. Which is what we did.

Funny part is, as we started back that way a railroad crossing lowered and I thought his spontaneous little jaunt was doomed, but that fear was eased when a single engine whizzed by. We went down that street and he exclaimed in victory as it turned out to connect to another street he had always wondered about. It was fun, and that sense of wonder and adventure is one of the many reasons I love my husband.

Adventure #2
I am doing the Seams Like Home Saturday Sampler quilt and this month's was a bit of a challenge for me. It's lovely. I love windmill blocks, I love the colors and fabrics, I love making half-square triangles using the quick-piecing-two-seams-on-a-square-cut-down-the-middle method. I do not love sewing together separate triangles. I must be really rough on bias edges because whenever I cut two triangles and then try to sew them together they always get really, really wonky. If I sew a diagonal seam on a square and then cut it into two triangles, they are (generally) pretty great!

So I planned to do this month's block using that square method. I did some heavy math that involved counting 1/8 inch bits and finally had what square sizes I thought I needed.

Then I realized that the way the fabric pieces I had been provided were cut I wasn't going to be able to use squares for all of it. Luckily, I have good friends and one of them helped me out and I was able to get started.

I still ended up sewing together triangles, which I ranted about to Bob for a while (he's a very good listener). Luckily I was able to locate some pins and so it didn't turn out too bad, and I learned that if I absolutely have to sew together triangles, using pins helps. Don't look too close. Some of the seams are a bit off, but overall I'm happy with it. The only thing I would change if I made one of these again would be to buy enough fabric to cut squares.

Adventure #3
I started a swatch for a scarf I want to knit out of the angora/wool blend Bob brought back for me from Scotland. The yarn is so soft and the needles comfortable that it's been a pleasure to just knit the swatch! (That may be why I wasn't paying attention to the streets as we were driving.) I'm knitting it on my first pair of Lantern Moon needles. I love them, and I said "first" pair on purpose. They just feel really, really nice. I decided no matter the gauge, I was going to knit the scarf with these.

So, I'm working on charting out a lace pattern. I'm thinking of using a provisional cast-on so that I can then join the two ends and make a big, loopy scarf with no ends to deal with. And, I can use every last bit of this yarn int he scarf! I figure it will make a nice project when I need a break from practicing my stranded knitting! (Speaking of, I have big plans for a little pair of socks for Bobby that I'll share as soon as I have anything to show for them.)

Adventure #4
I may have mentioned this already: we're in the process of buying our first home.

And, rumor has it that buying a house means you actually move into this new house. So we're trying to start packing now. (I heard another nasty rumor that packing and moving takes a lot longer than anyone ever expects.) Notice I said "try." Bob and I have a tendency to do other things (dishes, laundry, reading, card games, anything to avoid packing, pretty much) once Bobby has gone to bed, and packing with him around, isn't all that easy. I'm not entirely sure why.

So in the next few days our goal is to get through these two bookshelves. We're going to purge out ones we don't need anymore, box up the ones that should be at our respective schools, and pack the remainder.

I'm hoping for not too much packing.


Sally said...

Your block looks awesome. I need to remember to go pay today since I won't be able to make it tomorrow! And I haven't made my block... :( Hopefully it doesn't wind up in the undone abyss in my sewing room...

Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Wow! I loved reading this post! Like Sally said your block looks amazing (ok she said awesome, but you get the idea ;)! Can't wait for tomorrow!!