Saturday, June 27, 2009

Something Came Over Me

For the past few days, for a reason I don't know or understand, I've been thinking a lot about the stocking I started for my mom for Christmas last year. In my zeal to have it ready for the actual day I stayed up really late and had it almost done. But, just not quite, so it sat as it was the day of Christmas for 6 months. Then last night I picked it up again. For some reason, I keep thinking about finishing it, and well, for me, it's like cleaning: if you're in the mood, do it, because that mood is rare and may not come back any useful time soon.

So, I went downstairs and dug around until I found the ruffle and the other needle I needed. I also discovered where all of my stitch markers had disappeared to: they were marking the 9 lace pattern repeats. Then I started looking for the pattern.

I had thought that I put the pattern with the stocking, but while that box contained several other projects that had been left by the wayside it held no pattern for this one. Then I went through the file drawer that ostensibly holds patterns, but that brought forth disturbingly little in the way of any patterns. Then I looked on the floor around that area, nothing under the other clutter. Then I tried the other side of the room where moving had created yet another pile. Still nothing. I started getting a little bit of a panicky feeling. I tried the drawers I keep most of my crafting stash in, nothing. The floor under those drawers, nada. The bags and boxes on top of those drawers, zilch. The storage closet in the room, void of any patterns at all.

Then I looked in what I thought was a very unlikely place, indeed: the bookshelf that holds all my pattern books and magazines. Seeing as how this pattern was in a magazine it would be the logical place for it, but seeing as how it's me, it wouldn't be in its place. I didn't actually look among the knitting magazines, but on top of the books and then the shelves underneath those on top of the sewing books. Still nowhere to be found. Then, oddly enough I found it: nestled safely between my other knitting magazines. At some point I must have put it where it belonged. Weird.

I headed upstairs and after spending 10 minutes or so figuring out where I was in the pattern (really must lean to use sticky notes for situations like this) I started off. It went pretty well for the next row, then I had to do some math. It's sort of a pet peeve of mine when the pattern tells you to, "decrease 3 sts evenly over the next row." If you have a set number of stitches and no size options, then just tell me how many to knit and then what kind of a decrease would be best. I understand when there are different sizes at play and the pattern is trying to be concise and not fill up 8 pages, but in this case, come on. So, I did the math, started knitting and at my first decrease point realized I had done the math wrong. After refiguring and finishing that row, I was able to purl back again, easy enough.

Then I had to knit 2 together across the whole row to get it down to the same size as the top of the stocking I'll be attaching it too. I thought I should, just to be safe, count the number of stitches again. I counted along and had another panicky moment when I passed the requisite 232 stitches and was up at 280. That's a lot of extra stitches. That's a whole extra lace repeat plus a little. That was a sickeningly plausible scenario given my panicked state of mind while I was knitting the thing on Christmas Eve. That's a whole ruffle having to be taken out and redone.

I recounted. I had counted wrong. I was fine. A little sweaty, now, but in the end, fine.

I finished that row, purled back and now I'm trying to figure out where along the top of the stocking it would be best to join the ruffle. Then I'm on to the cuff. I read through the final directions last night and realized that I probably wouldn't have finished eve had I stayed up all night last December. There was just too much left, and then the finishing steps are kind of long on top of that.

And, it wouldn't have looked as nice. I couldn't Kitchener stitch then.


Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

I love it when moods like that strike! Like you said you just have to take advantage of them!!! Can't wait to see it finished!

Anonymous said...

So I guess I should bring Bobby's stocking with me to SS09 and get his finished. Thanks for the update and picking it back up. I'm glad all things worked out well.