Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who knew?

Over the past few days I have experienced several pleasant surprises. Working backwards, this evening we took a drive before Bobby's bedtime and decided to stop for ice cream. He is an ice cream hound and will sit in his car seat frantically signing,"please" and calling our names until we give him some. Then he sort of licks at it, but still isn't entirely certain how to eat it. The cone, on the other hand, he'll crunch right into.

Following up on an idea a friend gave me, I suggested that we try to order just an empty cone. And, they gave us the cone free. I was pleasantly surprised and Bobby was downright ecstatic that he got to hold the cone himself and eat as much at a time as he wanted! At one point he was buzzing his lips, and Bob and I think he may have been pretending to shave his feet with the end of his cone. Wonderful, silly boy!

Moving on, er, back, earlier this morning I went to my Saturday Sampler class. For some reason, I can't seem to get the time stuck in my head and yet was pretty sure it started at 10 in the morning. Not sure why, but I did. Then I made a call to double-check and was told, nope, it starts at 9:00.

I called at 8:57.


So. I flew out the door, leaving my breakfasting husband and son to their own devices. I ran in to the store (literally ran down the hall and in the door) and tried to not look too desperate (if you're late it's $10 and I really didn't want to pay that). According to their clock it was 9:10. I went to the sign in table and no one was sitting there. I took that as a very bad sign. An employee came up and asked if she could help. I told her I needed to sign in and asked if it was too late. She asked if I was in the 8:30 or 9:30 class.

With a sigh of relief I told her it was the 9:30 class, got signed in nice and early and had time to do some knitting. I chose to knit so as not to tempt myself with all of the other wonderful things I could have been buying. Such as the sewing patterns from this company Oliver + S . I did pick up this card though to remember them for when I have more disposable income and less house-buying-stress! Too cute (and free) to pass up. At the end of the class they always have some sort of sale or special and this month it was buttons. At first my resistance to spending money made me think that I really didn't need any buttons. But as I was walking past I saw a wooden toggle and thought of the sweater I plan on knitting Bobby. It uses toggles and why not save a good bit of money and buy them now instead of when you need them, but they're full price? Right? And, I had enough cash, so I didn't have to show evidence of my purchase to my husband. (I always say this, but inevitably show him everything anyway.) So, another pleasant surprise!

Onto yet another surprise, yesterday, Bob and I made an impulsive trip to a local used book store and, as is my habit, I perused their crafting section. The knitting, sewing, and quilting books are conveniently lining both side of a single aisle. I was reading the title of every single knitting book and lo and behold I came upon this: Can you make out the author's name? If not here it is: Anna Zilboorg! (Remember this?)

I was pretty excited and then even more so when they were selling it for less than $15. And, because we have credit I didn't actually have to pay for it at all. How amazing is that!?!

And, last, but certainly not least in the way of surprises. I've been swatching for a continuous scarf I want to knit out of the angora/wool Bob bought me. I've been looking through a few stitch dictionaries and trying out things and that's the part that, really, is surprising. I look through those dictionaries, at the swatches showing the stitch patterns, and think, "who would spend time doing that?" They're not knitting anything useful. It's wasted time. I know logically, that it's not, but I sometimes find it hard to imagine all of that time spent on something you know is really just a test run.

So, anyway, I can't believe I'm enjoying swatching this. Though I did learn real fast to use a different yarn than what my final scarf will be knit out of. It was getting a little "fluffier" after I ripped it out a second time.

So here's what I have so far.

I'm thinking of a floral sort of motif, but because it will be folded down around itself don't want to make it too detailed or hard to see. We'll see. I'm also thinking about width. How wide do you make a scarf, typically? 8 inches or so? That would give me about 36-40 stitches to play with. And, the little baby cables (they're kind of hard to see in the picture), are they going to pull in too much?

I've never gotten so much enjoyment out of asking and trying to figure out questions like this. And that, in some ways, surprises me. I know that I'm not knitting the scarf "for reals," as my students say, but it's still fun.

Who knew?


Sally said...

Yeah... Sorry about the time confusion. I just knew it wasn't at 10. UGH! Apparently when you only do something once every month it isn't very memorable. :) At least you made it and it was short!!

Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Great post! I loved seeing your swatch! Very lovely!!