Monday, June 22, 2009

Working on Projects, sort of

I have several projects going right now: a pair of socks for Bobby, a fair isle practice hat, a lace-patterned scarf, a whisper cardigan, a simple tote bag, several skirts, a fabric train set, a lap quilt, a table runner, a wall quilt, and some curtains (though those are relatively far in the future, I can tell). The trouble is none of them is really cast-on or started.

You see, I've been thinking and thinking and thinking about all sorts of projects but gotten very little done. If I could turn all of the mental energy I've spent on these projects into actual sections of them finished, then I would be practically done with lots of things so far this summer! But, for some reason all this "free time" I get during the summer has translated to very little crafting time.

Instead we're sleeping a little later, taking turns watching Bobby and napping, having a leisurely breakfast, running a few errands, having lunch, going for a walk, getting Bobby a couple of naps (hopefully) each day, eating dinner, and then blogging or talking about packing or playing card games because we can't with little hands around. I see a dozen places where I could insert some crafting time, or cobble together little bits here and there to carve out some productive knitting. But the overall slow pace of the summer makes me feel like I'm not relaxing if I try to take advantage of all that time. The result is I'm getting a whole lot of thinking done, but not a lot of doing done.

It's easier to think about knitting while I'm playing somersaults with Bobby than it is to try to knit while he plays by himself. It doesn't help that for some reason me picking up my needles is apparently a cue for him to come wailing to me needing to be picked up, or read a book to, or looked at. Sometimes that's enough. But other times, even if he toddles away of his own accord, looking for all the world as though he is happily going to play with his ball or books or toes, if I pick up my needles again then he whips around needing something else. I'm beginning to think moms are not the only ones with eyes in the back of their heads, and apparently Bobby doesn't believe I even have them there.

Sewing involves too much set up right now (Plus I would have to clean off my table, and really, who wants to do that?) and he gets pretty tempted by the pedal. Though it is cute to see him bob and dance around to the rhythm of the machine. But in general with all of the extra pieces that go with it sewing is an after bedtime activity only.

So, I'm doing a whole lot of thinking, but not a lot of doing. I'm hoping that when I get around to more of the doing, I'll be able to really get a lot of great stuff done because of how much thought I've put into it.

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