Monday, July 13, 2009

Giving In

So, I decided that instead of tormenting myself and still accomplishing nothing I would just give in and sew. Because of packing and moving the majority of my craft stuff is exceptionally organized. So, I primed my sewing pump with some napkins I'd been meaning to make for a while. It was nice to get something finished, and I think my edge stitching is getting better!

With the encouragement of a job well done, I set off into a more creative, less planned project. I pulled out the scraps from the pillow covers I made a few months ago and sewed them into a large rectangle. Then I used a light-weight woven interfacing to add the three rectangle scraps on top and I plan on buying a backing fabric soon so I can practice my quilting. Then I'll have something coordinating and a little bit artsy to hang in the living room of my new house. It was nice to just sew things together and see how it went. I wasn't worried about exact cutting or matching seams. It was wonderful to just sew big pieces of fabric together.

Then tonight I started a scrappy table runner with the scraps from this quilt top. And because the pieces are all rather small (1.5"-3.5") there are a lot of them. I love chain piecing this sort of stuff and watching the fabric bits fall off the back of the sewing machine and pile up on each other. I like the way they flutter like little flags when you swing them up to start snipping them apart. So, I have the first step of all the blocks done. It was a quiet and easy bit of sewing, but still let me feel like I was finishing something.

Who knows, at this rate I may have all sorts of wonderful things to put in our new home!

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