Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In the Sun (and inside)

We've had some beautiful weather for about the past week and while it's muggy enough to obscure the mountains it's still amazing to be outside. We've been taking Bobby along as well, because while he thinks he is very independent and is wanting to do more and more things on his own each day, he can't stay home without us. So we took him downtown on the 4th of July to see his very first parade. I don't think he quite understood why we were there, but he seemed to enjoy pointing with the flags.

He's also been expanding his diet and now will munch on muffins. But only on certain days that are undisclosed prior to their arrival, and even on those days only for certain minutes that are not necessarily consecutive. But, at least he's willing to put them in his mouth.

We also have taken him to the park a few times and he's started to really dig slides and swings. I neglected to bring the camera one day, so no swing pictures, but here's him with Bob on the slide. He always likes to try it out with dad first. Then later he's too impatient and wants to get going before Bob has time to get him settled and ends up more like this.

When we're not working on his sliding skills, we can usually be found indoors working on his patented "Bobby-Dinosaur" walk. Sometimes he even puts his hands out like claws, and rumor has it his aunt has taught him to put his hands behind his back and flap his elbows like wings as well.

And finally, he's considering a career in advertising and ran this one by us yesterday. We think he's on the right track.

It's amazing how much these little ones learn in a day and it's only a matter of time before he'll be talking our (and anyone else who's close) ears off with real sentences in a known language. Right now it's still mostly babbling. But we know he has a great sense of humor, as he often cracks himself up. We're excited for when we can be let in on the jokes.

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