Friday, July 24, 2009

Photo-less Friday

We closed a week early on our house. It's a bit much, very much more than I planned, but working out quite well overall. However, it means that the camera is packed... somewhere, and the house is full of boxes that were a bit last minute, because I thought I would have another week. When I get pictures (and an internet connection that isn't "borrowed" like the one I'm on now, not sure where it's from actually, but I'll take it) and rooms with more put away than boxes I'll post them. Right now we're focusing on actually living at our new house.

When we did our final walk-through Bob and I both noticed that the master bedroom was pink; a fact that had eluded us when the room was full of furniture. I don't have anything against pink necessarily, I actually quite like it, but it was a pretty bad, pink. And Bob was very interested in painting. So, we thought, yeah, we'll paint it and then move the last stuff.

Then I thought about the wonderful walk in closet attached to the bedroom. Like the pink walls, when there was stuff in the closet you didn't see much of the shelving, but with the shelving bare to the world you suddenly noticed that it looked none to straight or sturdy. I asked Bob what he thought about redoing that shelving at the same time as painting. Sort of a general overhaul of the master bedroom area in the house so that we would have a nice little retreat in our new home. Really make it feel like ours. He was all for it.

So, paint and new shelving were planned and scheduled and we would be in our new house within a week, by last night, now that I think about it.

Then, we were taping off the room and I stopped and asked Bob how he felt about the ceiling. It's that popcorn stuff that neither of us are real crazy about, and we want to eventually take it down throughout the house. But, at that point I was more concerned with the painting issue. It would, after all, be easier to paint the ceiling then try to tape that stuff off. (And I would want the whole ceiling painted, not just the parts along the edge where the roller happened to get all crazy up there, which apparently the people before us weren't always concerned with.) So when our painting friends came over we asked them about it. They said it would be easier to just take it down now and offered to help. (Aren't friends great!)

So that night we primed and painted; and Bob's brother filled the approximately 846 holes in the closet where previous owners seemed to just use a drill to to find the studs. To give you an idea the painting was done well before all of the holes were filled. Craziness.

Then the next night, they came back over and took down the bedroom ceiling (I always wanted to spend an anniversary watching the ceiling of my bedroom get all scraped up and nasty looking. Sounds fun, right?). Tonight Bob did the ceiling in the closet. In three days they come back to texture (I think that's the plan anyway), and in the meantime we're finding out about maybe installing a pocket door. I love the idea, but we're getting the impression (okay, lots of people say it's a pain) that it's a pretty big job. I do think it's the best use of the space though.

So, our simple coat of paint has turned into a relatively big remodeling job, and I have no pictures to show of it.

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