Friday, August 7, 2009

Pinch Me!

So, it's blurry, but it's so totally us with the Yarn Harlot! (I'm on the left of the picture.)

We've been having fun, mostly. On the flight down Bobby decided his first plane ride was so boring he would sleep through the whole thing. No complaints here! But, while he slept his body betrayed him and started forcing out not one, not two, but three new teeth. Upside: he'll have 4 on top and 4 on bottom. Downside, he spent our first day and a half a very sad, pathetic little boy. And I spent most of that time feeling like a horrible mom who couldn't make things right for her baby.

But yesterday got much better! For one, we bought yarn. Now, Bob was no so clear on Bobby's yarn budget, so I wanted to present picture evidence of the fact that it is indeed Bobby's yarn and not mine. I've only bought, well never mind that, but this yarn is certainly his.

We also went to the market preview for the summit attendees. It was amazing and I actually teared up a little bit! Then we went to the opening night festivities and basked in the wonder of so many knitters and knitterly things. It was great to be able to knit during the talking and not have anyone think I was being rude. Everywhere you looked people were knitting or spinning. The atmosphere here is wonderful.

Today I went to my first class and it was quite exciting and dangerous. At one point the woman next to me said, "I have a knitting needle stuck in my leg and I'm afraid if I pull it out I'll start bleeding everywhere. Can you get help?"

She said it so calmly that it took a minute for it to sink in, and then I went into full-blown, panicky-smiling-laughing mode. (I'm not the best in an emergency.) And, it's hard to properly convey the import of your message when you're laughing about it. On the upside she was walking around afterwards and it made for a very exciting class.

One funny bit, she and those (less faint-y individuals) around her were very keen to make sure she didn't get blood on the project on the needles, and that the needles weren't too expensive before using the bolt cutters to make her safe for transport to the emergency room. Crazy, crazy! Like one paramedic said, "I never knew knitting was so dangerous!"

More later!


bethc said...

Thanks for immortalizing me :) oh and thanks for getting help!

driver said...

Hey Sweety!
VERY good "evidence" picture you have there. :) Bobby almost looks like he is asking "are you sure these are for me?" A very enjoyable read.

I love you and have fun the rest of the time.