Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To Recap

I am home from Sock Summit. It feels very good to be home after 5 days away from Bob and my new house. But, it felt so sad leaving the Summit. Luckily there was a lot going on here and the business has helped me from dwelling too much on the sadness I feel now that the Summit is over. It was incredible. I can't explain how amazing and overwhelmingly wonderful it was, but here's a taste.

I teared up the first time I was in the market. There were so many brilliant indie-dyers and all of the people I met were friendly and interesting. I was especially fond of the people who engaged Bobby and talked with him about the wonders of the yarn and fiber surrounding him. (I've noticed I'm tending more and more to gauge people based on their reactions to my son.) I'm also hoping he'll know it's not just a fetish of his mom's, this whole "yarn and fiber" thing. Anzula and Serendipitous Ewe were particularly kind to him. I bought this beautiful skein of 80 wool/10 cashmere/10 nylon from Anzula and am going to keep poking around her shop on etsy. I love the depths of her colors. I joined the Serendipitous Ewe Sock Club for Bob (well, the socks will be for him anyway) seeing as the retro video game theme couldn't have been more perfect, and bought this skein of their strawberry fields colorway to knit myself some Christmas socks!

I bought so much more I almost felt ridiculous. Then I heard one of the luminary panel members say she had recently moved houses and discovered that she had 6,000 pounds of yarn and fiber. I refuse to feel bad about the materials for my crafting until I reach over 3 tons. Then I'll think about it. Maybe. But, here is a picture of my other yarn purchases. Pretty isn't it?

And these are the fun other things I bought. Patterns, buttons from a very cool Button Emporium and Ribbonry. Just the other necessary tools of the craft. (Necessary, right?)

The people at The Knitting Bee were funny and let Bobby try on their sample Tulip sweater. I bought a kit for it and knit that for him to wear on the plane home. I think it's quite adorable and think it will be even nicer after I've properly blocked it.

While at the Summit I took two classes. The first was Colorful Stitches with Anna Zillboorg. She was great. That was the class where I discovered how truly dangerous knitting can be. Luckily the victim recovered and we were able to talk that night at the Sock Hop.

The second class was Knitting for Speed and Efficiency with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (The Yarn Harlot). She was very funny and very informative. She taught us lever knitting which I had never heard of before. It's the fastest way to knit. At least, after you've learned how. Tomorrow I'll explain about how I'm now learning to knit all over again, but for now, I'm heading to school to set up my room. Tonight, I continue to learn how to knit.

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bethc said...

The sweater looks great!! Makes me sad my guy is big enough to have opinions about what to wear...

Thanks again for your assistance, I'm almost completely recovered by now :)