Saturday, September 12, 2009

About That (Belated Photo Friday Included)

So, maybe you've noticed (maybe you haven't, but I sure have) that I haven't been very good about blogging regularly. Something about buying a house, moving, Sock Summit, minor remodeling, school starting, and the myriad little things of life have made blogging take a back seat for a while. I've been trying (in that I think about it and feel horribly guilty when it doesn't happen) to keep up on the Friday posts, and I think about (sometimes even start) posts during the week, but just haven't been able to get everything else in the house and at work done while also getting sufficient sleep. And, yes, the sleep is more important right now.

I'm saying all this to make two points. First, it's true you can't "serve two masters." I either knit or read, but I usually get into one or the other, or I make dinner every night of the week, or grade consistently. This school year has started with a jumble of priority reorganization and there are just not enough hours (or minutes) in the day to satisfy every role. Second, I've really missed blogging. The consistent writing is helpful in keeping track of Bobby's days and helps sort of keep the little bits of life from getting too terribly tangled. So, I'm going to try to write more frequently. I'm hoping that as the school year smooths out, it'll be possible.

It would also help if Bobby decided to go to bed before 9.

Moving on to the pictures, I thought some of these needed a little explaining.

Bob has a couple of fantasy footbal drafts this last week; Bobby was apparently very helpful.
It's a bit hard to tell, Bobby has an oven mitt on his arm and is using it to try to retrieve his ball from under the table. He also has completely unsnapped his pants so it looks a bit more like he's sporting a very attractive (though the slit is way too high) denim skirt.
He loves shoes, but loves helping you put on shoes even more. Here he is putting his sandals on Bob (he doesn't quite get the size thing yet) and then he noticed me taking pictures and brought me my sandals.

I decided to knit Bobby a hat, but it's too small. I thought I'd try it on him anyway, to figure out when to start the crown decreases. And I think I'll have to knit one his size now, because apparently he liked it.
At least, I thought he did, until he smiled just as big ripping it off his his head.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Now I am glad that the spinning wheel belt accidentally was left in the back of the Passat.


RitaLee said...

What a little character!