Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Confirmed: It's Seasonal

I've mentioned several times before that I have many "hobbies" (though I prefer to think of them as "interests", "passions", or when I'm really getting into it with someone "callings"), and that my commitment to (read: utter obsession with) them waxes and wanes. Sometimes I want to knit all day and at the beginning of this summer, when Sock Summit was coming and I had no socks, all I wanted to do was cut and sew fabric. I hypothesized then that it could be a matter of timing and circumstances. I was day-dreaming of warm summer days and so wanted to sew things that fit with that mental image.

After today I think I was completely right. About a week ago the weather here took a turn for the cold. It's as though the wind woke up, geese starting flying, our heat got fixed, and we needed to use it. The last two days in particular have been pretty pointedly autumnal; the very visible and very permanent-feeling snow on the mountains makes it clear that winter will soon be upon us; the steering wheel in the mornings has confirmed that I need to find my hand warmers.

At first I was a bit upset. I don't like being cold. I don't mind a brisk day and as long as I'm properly bundled I'm okay walking in a breeze, but for some reason I love Alaska and hate the cold. I wasn't looking forward to dealing with all that winter brings.

But today, today we went to Eddie Bauer, and while I can no longer bring myself to buy knitted things, they had wonderful, beautiful, inspiring sweaters. There was color work, texture, light for layering, heavy for cuddling, simple, elegant, and everything else that knitting can be. All of it was represented. I wanted it all. And I knew I would never buy any of it because I can knit it all (and it would be knit out of wool, not cotton, sorry).

People talk about that moment when they know they're a Knitter and not just someone who knows how to knit. I've felt I've been there for a little while, but this experience at Eddie Bauer confirmed it. That and the other day I was telling Bob about how I had to remind myself not to stare at the sweaters some of my students wear. The stitch may be beautiful and the sleeve construction interesting, but it's not worth the reputation as the total oddball teacher. (One student last year, wore this wonderful lacy cardigan. It was interesting but simple, and I loved it all the more because it had raglan sleeves, which I haven't seen on lacy cardigans that often. I just can't see myself trying to explain that a teenager.)

But, I digress, I still have sewing projects on-going. I'm still thinking about quilting, but knitting has my heart again.

Tonight I'm going to work on a scarf.


Mags said...

It has definitely taken a turn for the cold! Instead of thinking about knitting socks I'm thinking about hats, mittens, scarves, and Sweaters!

Arctic Knitter said...

Hats, mittens, and scarves - oh my! Yup - it's cold here - the last two mornings have been below freezing here on the East side. I've been in a flurry of finishing so I can cast on a cozy sweater for winter.