Sunday, September 20, 2009

Late and Random With No Pictures

Apparently blogging more than twice in a week is physically impossible for me right now. This week started out promising, but when the whole family succumbed to a cold it was all over. Bob was sick in the early part of the week, Bobby and I got it Wednesday night. We powered through Thursday, but Friday I took a sick day to try to rest and take care of Bobby. More experienced parents out there might get a total chuckle out of the idea of resting while simultaneously caring for a sick child. I know, crazy thinking. And get this, I don't even have a fever. No excuse...

To top it all off on Thursday the guy came to start installing the pocket door for our closet. He came back on Friday and will be finishing up on Monday (I think). So, trying to rest while caring for a sick child and there's remodeling going on upstairs and strangers in your house. Yeah, again, no excuse, just some crazy plan that I would somehow rest.

The rest of Friday and Saturday worked out pretty much the same way, so by the time I rolled into bed last night I was still sick and still tired and Bobby was too, and so this morning I am resting as much as I can.

Bob and Bobby are installing new doorknobs throughout the upstairs. It's a purely aesthetic change, there's nothing wrong with having a hodgepodge of different colors and styles of doorknobs scattered among the rooms upstairs, but all the little changes like this that we can make seem to make the house feel more like ours. (I think it was because the sellers were still living here while they were showing and selling it, but I've had a hard time feeling like this is actually our house. I didn't expect this at all, and it's getting better, but still a little strange right now.)

On the crafting front I'm considering my knitting options. You know that restless feeling you get when you're sick and not able to do to much, but have a lot that you'd like to do? Or when you know you want to do something, but you're not quite sure what? That's where I am with my knitting right now. I have several things going, but nothing is really holding my attention. And I have many things I'd like to start, but feel bad about starting something new when I have so many things already going (usually I get over that real quick and just start something, but I can't seem to this time). I'd like to knit on those pink socks, but I have HUGE ladders between the needles and none of the tricks I use can seem to make them go away. I'm considering running out to a store in Eagle River that carries the Hiya Hiya short circular needles just to get rid of the issue, but haven't had the time or been able to work up the nerve to spend the money.

This week was pretty much a wash, but I'm still holding out hope that as the scheduled days of fall become more normal and we all settle into them that time will mysteriously begin falling into the days and I'll suddenly become a more productive person. I'm still hoping, but haven't seen any promising developments. Even when you think you'll have time something always seems to come up, doesn't it? But maybe, just maybe something will work out sometime soon.

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