Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Several Short, Random (and Likely Only Important to Me) Notes

Bobby is combining signs and vocal words. It makes for quite the song and dance.

I imagine it takes a good bit of intestinal fortitude to claim that the book you recently published is, "flawlessly structured." I understand the need for confidence and a bit of audacity, but come on isn't that a bit much?

My sophomores self-segregated in the computer lab today: all the boys in one cluster, all the girls in another on opposite sides of the room.

Yesterday Bobby managed to fall and bloody his lower lip then get the refrigerator calendar to fall on him and bloody his upper lip. It wasn't the best 30 minutes of his day.

For the first time in our married life Bob and I have a yard with trees that loose their leaves. It is both beautiful and depressing.

This year I have a love-hate relationship with the snow on the mountains. I love that I'll have a reason (like I need one) to knit things to keep my loved ones warm; I hate that this means it will once again be February, the depths of winter, and I'll be yearning for summer.

Bobby is learning to "smile," but it really looks more like a baring of teeth.

I don't have time to read everything I'd like to, but still try and so end up with a head board that looks like this.
Not too bad until you consider that I usually sit in bed for 5 minutes before falling deeply to sleep and I have never been able to read more than one book at a time and keep them both straight in my head; a serious disadvantage during both my English degrees.

The fat, cold rain that was falling when I left school today reminded me that every September it rains like this and every September I think, "Good thing it's not colder or this would be snow."

"Baby-proofing" really only buys you time, not certainty.

After reading some Transcendental writing with one of my classes, I have decided to simplify the scarf I'm knitting. Garter stitch with some spiraling eyelets, two yarns and it'll be simple yet (I hope) lovely.

Despite all my best efforts to confuse him, Bobby successfully put on his own shoe on the correct foot this evening.


Anonymous said...

Maybe important to you but very pleasurable for me. Good for Bobby and his shoes. Knock, Knock...
share the scarf pictures and how is the sweater.

Sally said...

I heard that it rained over on the East side... it never rained here... I think that is so weird how different the weather can be across town.

alaskamommy said...

Intestional fortitude indeed. Though we all often approach some life matters in that way, it is good to maintain *some* semblance of humility. =) But maybe if that author did, more folks would buy into his "way", and would that really be such a great thing?