Friday, October 16, 2009

Photo Friday 10.16.09

I'm including (mostly) brief explanations, because I hear that telepathic connections may not be as accurate via the internet. Something about competing bandwidth...

This week I attended two of a set of three spinning classes. The last is tomorrow. The classes were done by the Anchorage Weavers & Spinners Guild, which I have joined. These first two pictures are from the first night. They gave us all some wool (the light stuff) and llama (the dark stuff) and a tuft of buffalo which they said was more for inspiration than actual spinning right now because the staple length is super short compared to what we were learning on. I had never spun llama before and very much enjoyed it! I liked the stripey result, and I'm contemplating rewinding the mini skein onto a bobbin and adding the rest. Then I'd like to Navajo ply the whole thing. I learned how to do that the second night and while it takes a bit more effort (and coordination), I really liked the results. The last picture is of a skein I finished up the second night and am going to block and measure to see what I can make!

Bobby learned the fun of forts this week. My sister watches him in the mornings and I'm pretty sure building forts has been on her things-to-do-with-Bobby list since he was born. I have to say, she's pretty good at them. I tried to convince him to take his afternoon nap with me in his fort, but it was too cool for him to go to sleep. He kept pointing at the blankets and (I think) explaining how it all went together.

We lost (and later found) an elephant.

Bobby discovered the joys of milk (other than mine) in a sippy cup. Incidentally, this cup also sports an elephant.

Bobby learned to "ask, and you shall receive." Or in his case, insist, practically rub a hole in your jacket signing please and saying "nana" while pointing emphatically to the bananas as your father and I try to find the best bunch for you, and you shall be able to carry them through the store showing everyone who makes eye contact your treasure, hold them in the car, carry them through the house, and take two bites when we open one up for you.


Lisa said...

Does he like regular milk? Love the bananas story and picture!

leah said...

He likes whole milk now. We tried it when he was around a year (to increase his calories) and he would look at us like, "What is THAT!?! WHy would you do that to me?!?"