Friday, November 27, 2009

I Tried, I Really Did

I love cables. I think they are beautiful and clever and sophisticated and interesting. I've wanted to knit something with cables for a while that's more than just your standard 2 over 2, but haven't found anything that I like, that will like me (the whole pregnancy body-image thing is getting to me- lame), and that I have time to knit (the holidays are, after all, here). So, I thought I would knit a little cabled vest for Bobby. It seemed the way to go since I only had one color and it was pretty solid and would make for mind-numbing repetition if I had done stockinette or garter stitch.

Yesterday, I found two patterns I liked in the stitch dictionaries, but then didn't really dig either of them when I knit the swatches. I'm actually rather impressed with myself that I knit a swatch not only once but twice. Impressed and relieved, because I learned something that I would have hated to learn in three weeks when I was crying about this unfinished vest: my true knitting love is color work.

I don't entirely know why, but it seems so fun to knit and interesting to look at and so full of wonderful possibilities. You can see (and check) your progress at every row, every stitch even (though that would slow down your knitting considerably). I had thought about trying to get a skein or two to compliment this vest and thus feed my insatiable appetite for color knitting, but couldn't quite justify it. And, without really thinking about it, I put myself on a yarn diet. A really strict one actually, and I've made it almost the entire month of November without buying yarn (for myself, anyway, I don't count the yarn I buy other people). It wasn't the best move given the timing of the holidays, but I'm sure my budget will appreciate the break.

My mom came through (without knowing it at the time) and gave me 4 skeins of a yarn that is the same weight and fiber and a wonderful complimentary red color for the grey-blue. I picked out some patterns from Simply Socks by Anna Zilboorg (my signed copy, because I took a class with her at Sock Summit and think she's wonderful). Armed with 5 stitch patterns, a copy of Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns (which I'm using for the vest pattern) I am designing him a little Turkish Christmas vest. I'm more excited than I can really say.

I tried to make the cabling plan work. I am going to keep trying; but right now, color is where my heart is.


bethc said...

I can't wait to see the vest! I love colorwork too, but am thinking cables for my next pair of mittens...

Ruth said...

I'm sure he'll be supercute, can't wait to see it finished (or in progress pictures). I've given up sewing for awhile, sad but necessary with three little ones.