Friday, November 20, 2009

The Problem With Voids

You get stuck in one and it just wants to keep sucking you back in. It sees how full your life is and wants a little bit of that for itself and before you know it weeks and weeks have passed and you've been spending it in a sort of holding pattern. At least, that's what it looks like to the outside world. Fact is, we've been up to a lot. When my students ask for make-up work I always give them a little more work than the original assignment. So, this is my attempt to make-up for the amazing amount of nothingness that has been emanating from my little corner of life!

Bobby was a dinosaur for Halloween. He loved his costume.

Even in character he maintained his high hygiene standards.

He is enjoying his new hat, finished just in time for the ridiculously cold weather we've been having lately.

He decided he loved grapes just in time for me to discover that they are a choking hazard, and we shouldn't be letting him eat them whole.

He also seems to thoroughly enjoy pears, but I suspect they would also present the same choking hazard that apples do. Again, just as we find something he'll really dig into, it's considered somewhat off-limits.

He discovered the light on the camera and squinted in the face of the glaring orange of it. (He's always had a flair for the dramatic.)

And then he "smiled" in an eerily Calvinesque way.

He discovered and mastered velcro after dinner one night.

He tried on Bob's boots. (On a separate note, he has started calling Bob "Bob" instead of "Da-da" so I plan to make a more concerted effort to call Bob "Daddy" in front of Bobby. Even though it's hilarious when in the middle of the night you hear an insistent "Boh! Boh!" He has trouble with ending sounds...)

He helped put away tea in my basket of hot drink mixes and did an amazing job of getting them all organized just so. He's a tad bit anal like that. I'm working on trying to appreciate this quality.

And, finally, he supervised the transformation of our closet from this empty room (which was an improvement in itself)

to this. He offers tours any time and likes to put people outside, and slide the door closed while saying, "Bye-bye!" He also walks around pointing to our clothes and explaining whose is whose and which hangers he helped to place.

He's been super busy, his vocabulary is expanding and we're just trying to keep up with him! Sometimes literally. He's been working on running as well, and he's so fast I can't always catch him and taking a picture is pointless. But I wish I could explain the hilarious, wonderful way he runs down the hall with his head back a little bit, hair floating around and bobbing with his steps, trusting fully to the little rubber grips on his socks and his own improving physical abilities. He also usually vocalizes as he runs, so it's the whole package of experience for him.

He's also been sleeping through the night at least twice a week. It's been amazing. Truly, wonderfully amazing.


Northern Lights Fiber Co. said...

Great Post Leah! All the pictures are great! Give Bobby a hug for me! :)

Anonymous said...

I can so remember our tour of the closet. The picture of him trying on boots is a bit disorienting. The back of the couch looks a little like carpet. That gives the effect of Bobby being able to be parallel to a floor. Too funny. Any pictures of the full costume? Maybe Shawn has some?

leah said...

Surprisingly we have no full costume pictures. If you find that you all have any, please let me know!